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New Build Connection. Nobody is contacting me. Its been 6 weeks.

I am posting this again as I have still yet to receive help.

Can anyone help me please!!!!!!

I moved into a new build Taylor Wimpey house last month that is pre-wired for Virgin Media services. There is a box on the street and paving grids i can see. There is also a green tube with a blue rope coming out at the front of my door next to a grey BT open reach box ready6P to be connected. 

I was told by the Sales Office at Taylor Wimpey that they had filled all the forms out Virgin need before I had even moved in and sent them back. I have also seen the site plans which show everything is installed. 

Since moving in last month I’ve contacted Virgin Media a number of times.

I was initially given the National Home Builders @ Virgin Media Number to ring. I have tried and tried many times and most recently for 1hr you get cut off without getting a chance to speak to anyone.

I’ve phoned the normal sales line who have aparently filled out some forms and sent to their ‘back office’ for approval and was told someone would get back to me in a few days. I have done this for 4 weeks now and have yet to receive any reply.

I’ve had webchats and spoke to the Virgin team on who said someone will reach out to me soon. Still nothing. 

Some Virgin Media colleagues I’ve spoke to say I’m not even in a Virgin area, I find this hard to believe when the house is pre-wired and also my neighbours are connected. 

I’m just wanting to get connected as I’m sure you can appreciate how difficult live is these days with broadband! 

I get told on here people are going to contact me on here and reach out but still nobody had contact me further. 

There are over 100 properties on this development and am sure the take up will be high if things are made easier.

Please!! Hope someone can help?

Kind Regards

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Re: New Build Connection. Nobody is contacting me. Its been 6 weeks.

Good Morning,

Thank you for reaching out to us here, i am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having.

When new developments are built it tends to be in stages and it can be a number of weeks before the infrastructure is fully operational. Although your house may look ready it is quite possible that the network is not fully connected to the new estate yet. I will send you a private message for some details and take a look to see if i can find a release date for you.
Many thanks

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