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Network essential works - the service is worse

Tuning in

I live in the WV7 area.  Following the recent essential works completed on 9 Sep 22, the service appears to be worse.  I've had to reboot the hub daily and the network is dropping in and out.

Don't know if others in the area are finding the same




Have you tried the automated Service Status number - 0800 561 0061 (reported on here to be the most accurate) or the online checks to see if any known issues are still ongoing?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @samlofty,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome back to our Community Forums! 

I'm sorry to hear you're facing problems with your service after works were completed. Have you been able to try the number provided by @goslow to identify any problems?

I've attempted to run tests on our end, but have been unable to do so as your equipment is in Modem Mode. Do you experience the same issues when in Router Mode?


Reece - Forum Team

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Tx Reece,

Service continues to be just as poor.  Have had to reboot the Hub daily and the network continues to drop in and out.  Very frustrating


Hi Samlofty,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your broadband services looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

I have taken the time to look at your services on my side and have also done a health check on your broadband connection, however I have been unable to find any issues that could explain your connection problems. 

Could you describe the issues a little more for me please - 

  • Is the issue slow speeds, intermittent connection etc?
  • Does the issue occur on all devices at the same time?
  • Is the issue apparent only on WIFI connections? 
  • Are there any lights that appear on the Hub when the issue occurs? 



Thanks for the response Megan.  About 48 hours ago I ran a Service Status check and this indicated that there was a fault that would take a service engineer 23 hours to fix.  I am glad to say that for the past 24 hours the system has been stable, so I'll keep fingers crossed that whatever the issue it has been resolved.

The random dropout/disconnection of Broadband only occurred after the essential works on the network were reported finished on 9 Sep so I'm going to guess that there was a connection there as nothing had changed on my home network.

Many thanks

Tuning in

Hi Sam

I was also part of the same works earlier this month (WV4 Area) and have also had constant problems since the work was completed (and before they were carried out, to be honest), the internet is now completely unusable for me. I cant stream shows, it keeps buffering, kids can play games online, get kicked out of matches all the time.

Worst part is the Mrs cant work from home and her job is completely remote, head office is in Bristol. She can't commute to work.

Speaking to VM is always a nightmare, even though they say "theres a fault in your area" on the automated message, when I get through to someone they ask me ridiculous questions like am I using wifi as wired is always better?

I pay a stupid amount every month for Gig1 which isn't usable, I've had no offer of a good will gesture for the problems, just "bear with us"

The terrible service, coupled with terrible customer service is why I cannot wait until Cityfiber have finished their rollout here, I'll be off VM even if it means early exit fees.

My Broadband Ping - Gig1(Replacement Router)

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @ThisIsMy3rdAcc, and a very warm welcome to you! 

I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing since the recent upgrade. 

Can you please provide us with an update, and confirm if we are currently showing issues in your local area via the Service Status Checker?

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

The service is mostly better, still the occasional packet loss and high ping, but it's much better than it was.

My Broadband Ping - Gig1(Replacement Router)

Thanks for coming back to us @ThisIsMy3rdAcc and I'm glad to hear that your service has been much better.

Please let us know if you have any further issues with your services.