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Neighbours have virgin but new house doesn’t

Joining in

Hey - 

So this may sound silly to some, but we have found a house we love that can’t get virgin broadband. We have the max virgin package with tv broadband and mobile. We want to keep all of our services as well as the speeds we get but when I check the postcode for the home online it shows a crashed screen. 

it seems to show we can’t get broadband at that property but the neighbouring home can. The neighbouring home originally owned the land that the new house is built on and the new house does have access to the main road by they are both classed as different postcodes. 

Does anyone know if virgin will run us a cable to the house ? Or what the criteria is to do this - I want to keep my virgin 😭 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Happy to help, I will send you a private message for some details 

thank you


Here to help! I'm an install manager helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

Hi, i have a similar issue. Moved into a new house recently, and some neighbours already use virgin services but my address apparently cant get it?

Got a standard response from customer services saying its not showing up yet, not much can be done.

Can anyone from virgin shed some light on anything that can be done please? I ll be ever so grateful




Hi there,

let me take a look for you, I will send you a private message for some details

many thanks


Here to help! I'm an install manager helping out whilst working from home. Find out more

Hey there again.. Just wondered if you can help still... I ve been waiting for an update on Virgin connection, my neighbour has the connection, and someone at VM was kindly going to help me out, but i cant seem to get an update from anyone now 😞

Many thanks in advance again!


Hi @Ahsan0883 thanks for posting and welcome back to our community.

Sorry to hear our Spotters' team have not been back in touch to confirm whether or not it's possible or practical to install services at your property.  I would like to look into this on your behalf.  I am going to send you a private message.



Hi @Ahsan0883

Just a quick note to confirm you're satisfied with the response and efforts of the forum team?  Remember if you ever need assistance in the future, our fantastic community and forum team are always willing to lend a hand.



Hi Lee, yes many thanks for your help. Really appreciate it



Hi Ahsan0883

We've raised/escalated this with the relevant team to get you a definitive answer.



Many thanks Lee, much appreciated!