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Neighbours can get Virgin Fibre but I can't

Hi Guys

I've been struggling to find an answer so thought someone here might be able to help
I've not been able to find something on the support site that covers this, live chat went down on me while i was trying to talk to someone, and I've not been able to get through on the phone to a live person

I've moved to a new flat and i'd like to get Virgin fibre installed. According to the availability checker the flat i'm moving into can't get virgin fibre, however every other building in the postcode seems like it can, including the addresses next door (on both sides) one of which are current virgin fibre customers. (seeing as it's a terraced housing this is literally a mater of a meter or 2 of extra distance)

I spoke to a member of the Forum Team a couple of weeks back who apparently has left but at the time he said there was a simple utilisation flag against the address and removed it. At the time i looked again and the availability checker said that Fibre would be available. 

Some life stuff happened and i didn't get around to trying to arrange a connection until this week, but now it's once more showing the property as being unserviceable. 

Is anyone able to have a look? Would like some sort of clear answer even if it is just telling me i'm screwed and need to look at other providers

I would appreciate any help. 


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Re: Neighbours can get Virgin Fibre but I can't

Has this still not been resolved yet.

Drop me a PM and I can check the progess of it


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