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Neighbors cable is cut in half

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Neighbors cable is cut in half, They don't use virgin media The cable is still connected to the house and the street box 

Please can a VM staff member PM me.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello SonarUK, thank you for this post on our help forum and for bringing this to our attention.

We're sorry to hear you have a damaged cable linking to our services in the neighbourhood, could you please advise whether this has affected the services to your property or any of the neighbours' at all?

Let us know so we can best advise on this, cheers.

Forum Team

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It doesn't matter if the neighbour is unaffected because a cut cable that allows noise ingress could be detrimental to the neighbourhood, so a repair is needed. In any case you'd think that VM would want to do a repair as further damage to the cable from exposed elements makes no sense.

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Hi sorry for the reply.

I'm not to sure how long the cable has been like it, the end has rusted so been there for a while.

No one has dm'd me. this does need sorting.

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Hello SonarUK,

Let me send you a private message to get the location of your Neighbours property.

We will need to get this either replaced or at least cut and capped to stop any interference on the surrounding network.

If you can check the purple envelope top right of your screen that would be great. 


cable still not been removed/fixed.

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DM back from a Staff Member


The job was booked on for number *** SonarUK.

We attended and the neighbour at *** advised they don't have services and not to touch the cable.

It might be best to see knock on and speak to your neighbour.


So the cable is the home owners now and not virgin media's property?

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VM have been given the opportunity of recovering the cable if they want it - I doubt that the neighbour will want it to remain in his property