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Need council to approve cable?!

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So I moved into my rental property a week ago and arranged my broadband with VM a little over a week before that. I was told that today (8th Sep) would be my installation date. 

The engineer came the other day to do the external work. I know they say you don’t have to be in but I happened to be outside my house when he arrived, so we exchanged hellos and he got to work. When I was back inside my house I watched him do his thing, then scratch his head, get in his van, drive off … and 10 mins later he came back. He drilled and worked for a few mins longer then continued to scratch his head and then he drove off again. This didn’t get me much confidence and at this point I think I knew there would be an issue - but even though he knew I was home he didn’t bother giving me a heads up or even let me know something was the matter. 

then yesterday morning I missed a call from VM, with no voicemail left. I decided to call them back, as I had that funny feeling that something wasn’t right. After 20 mins I got through to someone and she couldn’t find any notes about why I was called, and she reassured me that my installation was going ahead on the 8th as planned. 

then later on that evening, I get a text saying there’s been some issues with the cable, and they will need to get permission from the council and are “expecting” new installation date of 22nd Sep!! Now from what I’ve been reading on here, that date will almost definitely be delayed a few more times. 

i work from home, I’ve already used up data on my phone by tethering my hotspot just for general internet use, let alone how much I’m going to need for working. I’ve read I can try and get compensated £5.25 per day. How do I proceed with this as the chat team are no help! 

many thanks in advance, 




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Very Insightful Person

It's the usual story. The duct from the cabinet to your property is blocked. VM have to arrange with their construction contractor to dig up the duct (which is on council property). Therefore a council work permit has to be applied for. You should be entitled to compensation (£5.83 a day) after 2 working days have passed without resolution. VM are likely to kick up about it, as they will claim it is an "unforeseen" issue that requires third party intervention. However OFCOM have now blocked that loophole in the rules, so it no longer applies. 

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"rental property" = The landlord's / management agents written permission is required for any modifications to the property.   Your rental agreement will normally make this very clear.  E.g. no drilling walls, no modifications to electrical / plumbing / heating systems.

Failing to comply risks the landlord removing the VM cable / modifications and billing for all make good works, that can quickly become thousands of pounds if walls or paths or pipes or cables or carpets have been damaged.

I’ve had permission from my landlord and there was already an internet cable in the wall, just needed the VM box for it, so that’s not the issue here, but thank you. 

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have spoken to 2 people at VM, one in customer services and one in the team that handled the engineers - both had the same notes on my account that there was some issues with the road but that they’ve been fixed already and the external job has been closed. The 2nd person I spoke to said that the message I got looks to be a miscommunication and I’ve now had my installation date bought forward to Mon 11th Sep. 

so let’s just see if that happens!! 🙃