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Need an engineer callout

I am once again in need of some help.

I posted yesterday regarding my missing quickstart kit, which has now turns up unannounced 😂

My new problem is that my original engineer appointment was booked for the 22nd December to install the virgin ports that are need to run my new fibre connection.

I then received a call saying that this was no longer necessary and that I could be offered the quickstart kit which I gladly accepted. Now my kit is here but I have no virgin fibre ports to connect it to and it's near impossible to get another appointment. 

I'm also not expecting to pay the £99 callout charge as my initial callout was cancelled on their behalf, whilst I was quite happy to wait.

How do I get another engineer callout without paying the charge because if this can't be avoided I'll just cancel my contract before it starts 😂

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Re: Need an engineer callout

An engineer installation is charged at £35, but you may be able to argue out of that.

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Re: Need an engineer callout

£99 is for a non-fault callout. 

Since you don't have service you need the manned installation fee of £35, which you save should you be able to use QuickStart. 

Since you attempted to use Quick Start but couldn't complete it due to no fault of your own, you could argue the point and get it done for free maybe...