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Need An Engineers Help Please

Dialled in

I've just upgraded to the 1gb the kit which has been delivered today for a self install. Unfortunately, we're at the back of the house now and the 15m extension cable isn't going to be long enough as the wife has just blown up when I said it was going to be along the skirting board lol! So I need to run it outside the property now and down the side of the house, which is about 20m in total.

Is it possible for you to book an engineer to come and visit my house to do the install? Happy to pay the £25 and any extra for the cable, just so he can do the power levels etc.

I would phone customer services but I'm at work now and reading the forums, I thought it would be better to ask a moderator as you guys seem to know what you're doing.

Many thanks for your help,


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @RegTheDonk, welcome back to our forum and thanks for your post.

Oh dear, yes we will certainly help you have an easy life by ensuring it isn't running on the skirting board 😉

I have checked our system and can see since posting this you have spoken with the team, have they been able to arrange this for you already? If not, please let me know and I will certainly get this arranged for you.



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Hi Nathan_B thanks for the reply.

Yes, spoke to a CS rep yesterday and explained the issue, he was really helpful 🙂  Someone is booked to come Monday between 8am-12pm to hopefully move the box.

Nothing is showing though on the "My Orders and Appointments" tab, so would be really grateful if you could confirm thats the case?

Many thanks 🙂

Hi @RegTheDonk,

Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear that they were helpful, and managed to get somebody booked in for you. From running checks on my end, I can see this has been booked in for you, as promised. Please let us know how things go 🙂


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece_MH, thanks for the reply. Thought I'd let you know how things went, as requested...

Engineer turned up pompty at 8am. Lovely chap - very professional and engaging. Moved the box as requested, no cabling inside (wife happy). 100% well done to him and amazed he said he was an apprentice ... he deserves a full contract and a pay rise.

Couldn't get the 360 box working though, it was showing the message "Account retrieval error CS1011"

He asked me to check my account and although I'd signed a contract for 1gb fiber and Maxit TV, it was showing as M350 and no TV package.

I'd originally been on just the M200 and, after phoning Virgin to find out what was going on, turns out I had a free upgrade ("no need to sign a contract") to take me up to M350.  Agent said you haven't got a TV deal.  I said yes I have, I electronically signed it last week after your sales guy gave me a good deal.  Can't help, sorry, transferring you to retentions.

Anyway, after a long conversation with a lovely lady in Scotland, she found the original deal.  Good stuff.  But she can't activate that so got me to sign another contact which bascially was a clone of the deal I was supposed to have, incuding the 1gb and Maxit TV. While the bill she quoted was steep, she assured me that she would send a note to the relevant department to make sure it will be discounted to the price I originally signed up for. I'll have to trust her on that as by the time the direct debit goes through, my 14 days will be up, and really don't want the hassle of a legal battle!

So, back to the tech stuff. She said all is now in order and the TV will be working. However, despite re-boots of my new 360 box I still have no TV (still showing "error CS1011") and my on line account still says M350 and no TV.

Please help Reece.

Can you get my TV working?

There's a drink in it for you if you can 😊


Oh as an asside, Yodel dropped off a Hub 3 on Saturday too. Presume this must have been part of the free M350 upgrade. I was daft enough to think their text alerts were an admin mistake as they'd already dropped off the Hub 4 and 360 last Monday. Anyway, the Virgin engineer took the Hub 3 away so hopefully the rozzers won't come knocking my door asking for it back 😲

Thank you for letting us know how everything went - we really appreciate it. 


Upon checking our system I can see that this should now be complete in terms of your TV - can you let me know how everything is at the moment please? 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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Hi Ryan,

The lady from the Scotland department phoned me back yesterday to see how things were going and to say she'd had confirmation that the original quote would be honoured.  So good news there.

The 360 was still showing the error message, so she spent some time on the phone, checking things her end, before having to book another engineer to come today (pretty quick response).

He turned up on time, again very professional and pleasant, with a brand new 360 in hand.  Swapped it over, spent a good 20 minutes using his phone to presumably changing the mac settings and ammending my settings remotey, before hey presto it started to work 🙂

So all is well and touch wood will continue to be. 

Thanks for touching base Ryan. Working for a large organisation myself, I confirm that sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing, mistakes happen and equipment fails.  I get that these help forums are generally where people take out their frustrations but likewise, you deserve a lift when things work out.  So, a genuine thanks for prompt help of your colleagues for sorting this out.

I do entirely concur with what you are saying, that the forum team here  do seem to be the only consistency good example of customer services.

To use your own analogy, in VM’s case often the left hand doesn’t even know that the right hand exists, let alone what it might be doing! The customer service model is broken, no question about it, yes there are some very good, knowledgable and helpful people round, but getting in touch with them is a bit of a lottery and they do seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Shame really but it is what it is….