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Nearly 2 months waiting for some contact

I am still waiting nearly two months on for some kind of contact.Paying a bill I shouldent be paying.All I need is my line activating at my new address, how hard is it?I have no doubt that ‘new’ customers are having theirs activated using the quick start set up.So where is my customer service?I have tried all the suggestions and get nowhere, you are disgusting virgin media.And as you can tell this is stressing me out now, my kids have had nothing for nearly two months in isolation and lockdown.Youve given us free channels...Wow...I can’t use them can I?!!!And you have given me 10gb free of data a month for my mobile🤔Oh I don’t even have a mobile contract with you!!!I never would I’m happy with who I’m with because even now with the current situation I can pick up the phone and get a uk call centre within minutes and they solve any problems instantly.I contacted Virgin nearly 2 months ago to change my address and iv heard nothing.What are you doing???????

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