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NTL Wall Socket

Joining in

I have received my new kit after a house move and there is only an NTL wall socket in a ridiculous place upstairs. That being said, the cable supplied to connect to this box does not fit the connector within the NTL wall socket box. Can anyone advise of what I am doing wrong or where I should go next please to resolve this issue. I WFH and this is preventing me doing so.

Thank you in advance



Two NTL boxes are shown in message #4 below. The one on the LHS is a phone socket. The one on the RHS is a coax connection for broadband/TV.

The old-style coax plugs had to screw onto the RHS wall box connector. The new ones are push fit.

If you are still unsure what to do, post up some photos of the box you are trying to connect to.

If the existing box is in an unsuitable location, you will need to phone in for a technician installation to move it (which should be FOC to a 'Quick Start' customer as part of the initial setup).