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My experiance with Virgin Media when moving into a new house

Late December 2018

I we signed agreements to move into a new property in February 2019. Prior to signing we checked if VM was available in the area, after all high speed internet is all but a requirement these days.

Early February 2019

When trying to sign up to VM we're told that owing to a capacity issue the company was not on boarding new customers in the area. So we signed up with Sky, after a 2 weeks process with Sky they told us they couldn't provide us a service because their space in the street cabinet was full.

Late February 2019

We placed an order with EE since VM nor Sky could provide a service, we were told it would take 2 weeks to provision the service.

Week 1 March 2019

Much to my delight a week after we signed up with EE we got a notice in the mail that Virgin Media is now available in the area. I signed up with VM though the 'Defense Discount Service' website which offers a discounted rate to defense personnel. I rang shortly after the order was placed to understand the timelines for the order (conscious that i have a pending EE order that i will need to cancel). A VM rep tells me that the order failed and that he would need to make a new order and would be unable to apply the same discounts but i shouldnt worry because the 'pre install team' can apply the discounts when he transfers me.

Of course the pre install team were unable to apply the discounts. I went along with it because it has been nearly 2 months without internet and i needed connection at home. I had the weekend to think about how VM were screwing me over by not offering the same discount so i rang them back up and asked them to change me back to VIVID 200 without any TV at the usual high street price rather than paying the full rack price for VIVID 200 + Full House TV. This change delayed the install by a day.

Week 2 March 2019

The broadband was finally connected on the 12th of March after having to spend a few phone calls reading the MAC address of the provided router out to different representatives. Persistence is key tho, right?

Then today, at 3am the internet goes down, i contact VM at 8am to find out whats going on and they tell me there is a fault in the area that will be resolved at 3pm, they tell me i can check faults in the app.  I check the app at 3pm and the fault is apparently resolved however i still dont have internet. I reboot the router and still dont have internet.

I rang VM again at 4pm to find out what the problem is now and im told that there is another fault that started on the 5th of March and wont be resolved until the 10th of April, i ask why this fault doesnt exist in the app and he said its because its a level 4 fault (whatever that means). I asked if that means I will be without internet until the 10th of April and the rep said that I, and everyone in the area will have 'intermittent access' however he can send an engineer to the property on Monday the 18th of March who will magically be able to give me access again.

The obvious question i posed to the rep was if the engineer has to visit every single house in the area to restore access surely this is something that should be done en mass to which the rep said the VM van will be in the area up until the 10th and that they will be visiting every customer that complains....


Now I go another weekend without internet at my property (although it may magically turn on and off), waiting for an engineer to show up on Monday between 4 and 6pm. I am signed up to a plan that i didn't want but admittedly has saved me money but equally robbed VM of money.

Welcome to VM.

Edit: The kicker and while it is not VM's fault is that there is no mobile signal whatsoever in my house, its like a black hole for mobile signals; i have not even had the opportunity to simply buy a sim card with a heap of data and a 4G Ethernet router.

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Re: My experiance with Virgin Media when moving into a new house

fault in your area, will be fixed by specified date.
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