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My Street is Cabled but I can't join

Tuning in

My entire street was cabled up a couple years ago and every single home is able to sign up except from the building I rent a flat in and our neighbouring flat buildings.

I was dealing with the planning and access team as well as with the local council to provide permission or to figure out why we were blocked however this line of communication has since closed and I no longer get replies from VM. 


Forum Team
Forum Team



Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


I am sorry to hear we are not currently available at your property.


You can check this here and you will have the option to submit your details so that you can receive updates if and when that changes. 



Vikki - Forum Team

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I'm sorry but that isn't really good enough. My entire street has been cabled and is active except my building.

We have the termination points outside each building but can't sign up.

I've signed up for that form 25+ times. This is clearly a legal or access issue and I need help from Virgin Media to start being able to actually give them money

Alessandro Volta

Did your landlord give permission for VM to cable the building?

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If there are any permissions that need to be granted for serviceability to the building you currently rent, I would advise speaking to your landlord or the leaseholder to see if they are willing to to have you building serviced for install. This process is called 'wayleave'. There could also be other reason why we cannot provide the services yet, unfortunately there is not much else we can advise on this platform other than to register your interest via the postcode checker and we'll be in touch as soon as your building becomes serviceable.   

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Okay but how do I get them to start the process? Where do they need to look or visit? You are supposed to have wayleave automatically for all council buildings which this formerly was entirely


Thanks for coming back to us. I shall send you a PM now.


Forum Team

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Forum Team
Forum Team


Thanks for joining me on PM. I have submitted a form for the relavent team to investigate this for you and they'll come back to you within 10 days.


Forum Team

Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - How to pay my Virgin Media bill