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My Install Tale of Woe Since October.... So Far

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I guess i am posting this more to make me feel better, as I am well aware that I just have to wait things out as Virgin Media don't have any idea at all what their contractors actually are doing.

Anyway this is my current situation:

First Install Date20/10/22Waited In and cancelled
Second Install Date21/11/22Waited In and cancelled
Third Install Date13/12/22Waited In and cancelled
Fourth Install Date11/01/23Cancelled 2 days before
Fifth Install Date02/02/23New Scheduled Date


I was told on ordering that as my road was already fibre enabled, then installation would be quick as they only needed to pull a cable. That was a lie, as the road needed to be dug up, and a CATV access point installed in the pavement outside my property.

In reality that was done quite quickly, and there has been a CATV access point, with a blue rope inside it outside my house since early November.

It now seems though that a cable pull is the issue, I have no idea what the issue is, and if somebody from virgin media can enlighten me as to the real issue that would be great.

I have been told multiple stories, cars in the way (nobody knocked and asked for them to be moved), roadworks, contractor holidays, shortage of cable, underground blockages, pandemic, rat infestation, too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, leaves on the line etc etc. Honestly I don't really care, just  get it done, how hard can it be.......




Thanks for that, yes I am fully prepared for the compensation fight I hope.

I am with TalkTalk, on a rolling monthly contract, so I estimate that I am probably overpaying by about £10 a month at the moment.

The issues is speed, with Fibre to Cabinet, I can only get around 22mbps, hence my need for fibre to house, my only current choice being Virgin.

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So miracle of miracles, today virgin's contractors pulled a cable, and ran it to the house!!!!!!!

Apparently it needed 3 vans and supervision from a manager

So I have a roll of black cable at the wall of the house that has been run across and buried in the front lawn.

The same day as they cancelled my Saturday appointment and pushed it back a month grrrrrr.

So if any of the admin team can somehow manage to bring forward an engineer appointment for someone who has now waited for over 200 days, it would be appreciated,

I had an unexpected cable pull team today and then a text from VM confirming all was go for the final tinkering so you should get a text. I’m sure answering the same questions to the Forum Team of the day helped immensely 😂

your journy sounds like a right pain, I really hope mine goes smoother, Where are you? AV Online is what did mine, and I have an install date 17th, my last was cancelled with 2 days' notice, but not really much information, as the AV Online guys were certain everything was up and working!

also, go check the VM App/website you can "reschedule" to see if there are any sooner.

Connection: Virgin FTTP Gig2 (XGSPON)

I am in Area 20 (Surrey), and yes it is AVonline, who in my opinion made the pull much harder than it needed to be.

As for the reschedule, I can only reschedule later, I can't bring it forward............

You said you were getting fibre to the house, but that black cable sounds like ordinary coax. 

No you are right, I was oversimplifying, as iong as it can deliver 350mbps as promised, it will be fine.

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Based on silence from the admin team, I am assuming that you can't bring my engineer appointment forward, which is a shame after the 6 month wait for the cable pull

Hey @exasperatedmatt,

Sorry to hear this is still ongoing for you, have you had any communication from our Pre-Installation team stating why this is taking so long to be installed? This is the team who are handling the install and would be the ones who can move this forward?

Thanks. Joe

Joseph, thanks for reaching out, clearly you have not read the last few posts. And no communication as usual from the pre-install team except continual pushing the date back.

Anyway short version.

Waited over 200 days for cable pull with 10 cancellations.

Engineer appointment for Saturday 13th May, was delayed a month on Wed morning, and Wed afternoon the cable was finally pulled.

Can you bring my engineer appointment forward from June 10th, bearing in mind the history of this? Yes or No?