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My Install Tale of Woe Since October.... So Far

Dialled in

I guess i am posting this more to make me feel better, as I am well aware that I just have to wait things out as Virgin Media don't have any idea at all what their contractors actually are doing.

Anyway this is my current situation:

First Install Date20/10/22Waited In and cancelled
Second Install Date21/11/22Waited In and cancelled
Third Install Date13/12/22Waited In and cancelled
Fourth Install Date11/01/23Cancelled 2 days before
Fifth Install Date02/02/23New Scheduled Date


I was told on ordering that as my road was already fibre enabled, then installation would be quick as they only needed to pull a cable. That was a lie, as the road needed to be dug up, and a CATV access point installed in the pavement outside my property.

In reality that was done quite quickly, and there has been a CATV access point, with a blue rope inside it outside my house since early November.

It now seems though that a cable pull is the issue, I have no idea what the issue is, and if somebody from virgin media can enlighten me as to the real issue that would be great.

I have been told multiple stories, cars in the way (nobody knocked and asked for them to be moved), roadworks, contractor holidays, shortage of cable, underground blockages, pandemic, rat infestation, too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, leaves on the line etc etc. Honestly I don't really care, just  get it done, how hard can it be.......




Dialled in

To answer a couple of questions, I got most of what I asked for:

There were 3 differences, the start date, the rates and the "goodwill". They also stated that I should get a written apology.

According to VM i should get the cheque within the next 7 days, I await the letter of apology!!!!

Here is an excerpt from the ombudsman's decision:

Whilst I appreciate your calculations which provide credits at a different daily rates,
the payment increase will only apply to any new service issues that occur from
1 April 2023. As your service was delayed from late 2022 you should have received the previous
Ofcom daily rate of £5.25 for the total number of days your service was delayed, not including
the day it went live. The rules and compensation levels arrived at, are not intended to apply to wayleaves, construction work
or without commitment. To help me with this I can see that you were given an initial committed date of
20 October 2022 however within the account interaction notes I can see that you spoke to Virgin Media on
22 September 2023 after it was identified that permits and construction work was needed. The notes show
an agreed rescheduled date of 21 November 2023, well within advance of the first date provided,
therefore I’m satisfied this was the new committed date. I have also considered your council permit evidence and it’s clear that there were 2 permits requested
and granted in September 2022. It also clear within the notes that it was stated that all construction
works had been confirmed as complete on 24 October and also again 29 November. So its of my view, It was
just a repull that was needed in order to supply you with the service. As its clear that wayleave and
construction works had been completed by the committed installation date its also of my view that
Automatic compensation should have been triggered from 21 November 2022.