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Multiple middle appointments

Joining in

I will try to keep this brief. 

I should have been connected fully in July however due to the pre-check being done incorrectly the engineer than completed the install had to temporarily connect me to my neighbours supply. Fast forward to now and I still have the "temporary supply" running above ground. I have had at least 5 appointments that nobody has turned up to, I think on one occasion I got a call at 1830 to say the work wouldn't be done. VM think a suitable resolution is setting a new date for the blocked duct and new cabling to be repaired but when nobody turns up again I struggle to see the point in this.

More to my question, does anyone know what rights I have to any compensation etc and how I might be able to get the "temporary supply" removed and permanent supply in place.

One other point my neighbour that agreed to the temp solution had now sold their house so will be moving out. 


Alessandro Volta

You will only get compensation for periods when there is no service at all.

If you want compensation for inconvenience or a poor service you will need to start a complaint and if necessary take it to CISAS.