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Moving the box (or maybe just extending the coax cable?)

Joining in

Hello! So I see many people come here asking for their brown box to be moved, which I suppose I will be joining in on soon (especially if it's just a £25 non fault charge). However, is it possible to extend the coax around the front and down the side of the house (around 15m of cabling) and coming into different room, WITHOUT moving said box BUT still using the power socket where it currently comes in?

Where I want it to come into my office, there isn't a plug socket next to it. If it's needed, I'll get an electrician to come out first and chuck a double socket in.


Impossible to say what online cable is/is not suitable as you have no way of knowing what is actually inside the cable (despite what the seller may claim about it being suitable for VM).

You also have no (direct) way of checking what the signal quality is like on the end of the cable once you have hooked it up.

I would get a VM tech to do it.

Sounds fair, thank you 🙂