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Moving the box (or maybe just extending the coax cable?)

Joining in

Hello! So I see many people come here asking for their brown box to be moved, which I suppose I will be joining in on soon (especially if it's just a £25 non fault charge). However, is it possible to extend the coax around the front and down the side of the house (around 15m of cabling) and coming into different room, WITHOUT moving said box BUT still using the power socket where it currently comes in?

Where I want it to come into my office, there isn't a plug socket next to it. If it's needed, I'll get an electrician to come out first and chuck a double socket in.


Alessandro Volta

You need to sort out any mains power socket installation by an electrician if required. VM will sort out its own cables for the £25 call out fee.

You have posted in 'Quick Start'. Are you a new customer needing a VM connection moved after VM sent you the equipment to connect yourself? If you are a new customer I think you can get wiring modified as part of your setup if it is in the wrong place.

If you are looking to make general changes to an existing setup, what is it you are wanting to achieve in your office room and what item of VM equipment is it you are wanting to connect there?

For example, if you are moving a VM hub and you use that for wi-fi in your home then you will very likely alter the wi-fi signal spread in your home if the hub is moved to a new location and you may have issues with coverage.

If you are simply wanting a network connection in your office, then you could pay a local installer to fit network cables between your current hub location and your office. That would be more than £25 but the equipment would stay in the same locations (if that might be important).

If your office room has poor wi-fi connectivity, you could also consider getting your own wireless equipment and/or using the hub in modem mode with better network/wireless equipment.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If the external box has a power supply, then anywhere this is moved to will need an adjacent power socket. The coax from this box to an internal socket can be routed anywhere you like, as long as it does not involve work above 1st floor height.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi carrot1401, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums, we will be able to arrange for a £25 call out fee but would not perform any works which a qualified electrician would need to do. We will be able to extend the cablining if you wished to do so. We can send COAX cable but this is to a maximum of 5 meters. ^Chris. 


Firstly, I did indeed probably post in the wrong sub section so apologies for that!

I have been with virgin since the turn of the year. It's about 15m from the current position of the box around the outside of the house to the office.

I see inside 'the brown box' that the coax cable is connected to the 'pwr in/rf in/rf out' at the bottom, and there is a blanked off 'pwn in' coax connector at the top.

To save me getting an electrician out and moving the router, could I:

Unplug router from current position in lounge
Connect the current coax cable in the outside brown box to to the 'pwr in' side, so that it continues to receive power from my internal power plug in the lounge
Get a 15m coax cable and connect it to the pwr in/rf in/out and run that around the outside of the house and through the wall
Move router to this new position (I can hide it in a cupboard, which has a large power strip which runs around office to the closest power plug)

Would 15m of coax around the house be too long? If I was to supply it myself, would an engineer still do the work (i.e drill a hole in office and add a internal point) for the £25 call out charge? 

Hopefully this all makes sense, happy to explain further!

No problem at all, they would literally move it to a position you want. 

They would also give you there recommendations where they may think it will benefit however they won't do any electrical work.  

You can of course do the cabling your self if you wish. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Is this the sort of device (or similar) inside the brown box outside?

If it is, I don't think you could move that box as it is where the fibre comes to your home so it is 'fixed' from that POV.

I think the brown box would stay where it is and the power supply for the Boostral unit would stay where it is inside. The wiring would be changed so the power from inside went into the top of the Boostral unit and your 15 m of coax cable came out of the bottom LHS connector and went around to your office room.

You move your VM hub with the hub power supply around to your office and connect there. I am basing the above on the markings on that box.

I think this is what you have already described yourself above.

You are not usually recommended on here to do your own DIY wiring mod's. I'm surprised that has been suggested to you. This is because it is difficult to be certain that any cable you fit yourself matches the VM spec's and the fact that it is VM who is responsible for the connection/service all the way to the point of delivery at your VM hub.

I would say you need a VM tech to do this.

This is exactly what I was planning to do goslow, so glad it made sense to you 🙂

While Matthew_ML suggests I can do it myself, Chris_W1 reports they would "send COAX cable but this is to a maximum of 5 meters". I'm unsure whether I can purchase more from them to cover the 15m and get a virgin media techy to do it.

The £25 VM non-fault call out includes the technician visit and the cable AFAIK.

A 'ready-made' lead on Amazon (claiming to be to VM spec and with a recognisable brand name) seems to be around £15 to £18 for 15m. You would have to DIY a fairly big hole through your wall to get such a cable/connector through and you'd be left with a trailing lead inside.

The cost difference seems marginal/negligible IMHO plus you would cover yourself from any accusations of interfering with the VM network or fitting incorrect parts if VM does it for you.

AIUI, part of the reason the cost was dropped to £25 from £99 previously was to discourage customers doing their own DIY wiring mod's

I don't think you'd be gaining much (anything!) by trying to DIY over £25 and getting VM to do it (and I say that as someone who is all in favour of a bit of DIY modification or repair where it is feasible to do so).

Do you think is suitable? Sounds like I need to get one of the mods to contact me around getting a technician out 🙂