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Moving router

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I wont bore you with the details, but I need to move my router to the opposite side of my living room. Unfortunately the cable from the router to the hub is only about 2.5m long. Can I buy longer cables from anywhere or is it a specific one I need to buy from Virgin? 

My TV is hardwired into the router with the ethernet cable and I'd quite like to keep it that way for stability as its a smart TV. I suppose I could work the other way and keep the router where it is and get a 10m ethernet cable 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM will supply a longer coax cable for £25, you must not use any ones bought on the internet, they are inferior quality and can introduce noise into the circuit. If you have not got a VM TV box, this also uses coax, the cheapest way is to buy a longer Cat5e or Cat6 cable.

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