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Moving into VM ready flat with existing tv - how to connect?

I recently split from my partner and kept the tv.  (LG 4k model). He had a VM contract for cable BB,  tv and phone. The tv is currently configured  to run on his VM contract in his name (he paid the VM bills).  In my new flat there is what looks like a cable point on the wall (although it is marked Telewest and has no cables connected to it.) There was also a welcome letter from VM on the mat, addressed to New Owner , saying it is a VM ready location.

I should like to get a VM broadband and Tv connection deal. (There is no external phone point - landlord assumes you will use a mobile. Mine is with EE. )  At present I do not have any cables to go with the tv and am also concerned it has been pre-programmed to run with the LG OS and a specific VM router at a specific location.

How do I go about getting a VM contract, finding out how to configure tv and set it up aat new location (ie what cables needed) and instructions on how to do this.

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