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Moving into VM ready flat - how to reconnect tv

(Sorry if this is a repeat, I typed it in but do not appear to have saved it.) 

I recently split from my partner. I kept the TV (LG 4k).  I have just moved into a new flat and there was a Welcome New Owner letter on the mat from VM, saying it is Virgin ready. I can see a possible connection point on the wall, marked Telewest but it has no cable attached to it.

At previous address, partner had the VM account in his name and paid it. He had a phone, broadband, tv package.( New flat does not have telephone point, assumes you use mobile. Mine is with EE.)  I should like to subscribe to VM broadband and tv. I am concerned that TV is already pre-programmed within the LO OS to be at a different location attached to a different router. Also I do not have any cables.

Is there some way to find out if I can easily reconfigure my tv for a new VM account and how to do this. 



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Re: Moving into VM ready flat - how to reconnect tv

your TV is not linked to virgin in any way.
you need a V6 virgin box to be able to watch virgin TV (which you connect to your TV).
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Re: Moving into VM ready flat - how to reconnect tv

Call VM for a new contract and you'll be sent a Quickstart package comprising the hub (for broadband), the V6 (the TV set-top box) and cables for self-installation. The landline comes from not from a traditional wall socket but from the VM hub and you get an adapter to connect to your handset. (You'll probably find it cheaper to subscribe to the package which includes landline for the first year.) Come back here if you have any problems.

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