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I informed VM I would be moving to my new home on 04 July 2022. When I provided them with my new address, they told me it was eligible for a quick start providing I brought my old equipment with me. I actually moved a bit earlier on 02 July 2022, so I rang the relevant number to see if it could be switched on earlier than scheduled (since everything was OK on my end).

Long story short, I spoke to a few different teams on the phone and no-one had an answer even though rescheduling a move date to ‘today’ was an option I could select. (The various teams I spoke with also didn’t seem to know what the other was doing)

Fast forward to 05 July when it definitely should be working (it’s not connecting). I ring up VM again, go through all the steps once again and I’m now being told I haven’t connected something properly and will have to wait until Friday for an engineer. If this was needed, why did they tell me it was eligible for a quick start. Had I known an engineer was needed, I may have been able to have scheduled one sooner. And what exactly will the engineer do? If only they were a bit more open with their information I could try whatever it is myself.

I’ve never come across a company who stonewall as much as VM


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Thy send quick start packs to addresses that have had a recent service with VM. You may need a Tech if you are one of the small % of customers where the previous occupant ripped the connection out or a fault has been developed such as you being disconnected in the street cab.

VM never test this before sending out a quickstart !

BTW are you speaking with the Pre-installation and delivery team on.. 0800 052 1734 or the offshore CS people?

Forgot to add - have you tried plugging it in and calling the equipment activation number on - 0800 953 9500 (option 3) – you will need the serial number/MAC address off the barcode sticker and also your account number - in case it just isnt activated properly yet.


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