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Moving home with no socket despite VM serve the flat

Tuning in


I moved in around 3 weeks ago. 
It’s a leasehold converted flat in the loft flat (I.e, totally within a tiled roof) 
Before I bought the lease, I checked on VM website and get the impression that VM is serving to the property already. I still have 6 months fixed contract with VM. 

I have requested a move and think everything is set. 
I noticed that there is no VM socket on wall so the called VM and request to install one. If VM was serving the property, it will be a simply job just to find out where the cable and install it back. Job done. Right? No. 

Technicians came three times in less than 3 weeks. 
1st one: Have to drill through the dormer lead flushing and install a new cable all the way done 2 storeys externally in a conservation area. But he couldn’t do it that day as it is dark already and it took much longer than the 0.5 hr appointment allowed. 
2nd one: Came in, know nothing able the job, only 0.5 hr allowed. Said nothing can be done. Left the flat in 5 mins. 
3rd one: came earlier today. Again left the flat in 5min saying the only way is to drill through the cheek of the dormer but it will not be done by him. 
So VM has wasted 3 days of my time sitting at home waiting for the technician and get told nothing can be done within 5 minutes. 
Called the CS again and again, most of them are nice and completely understand my frustration. And I can tell they were trying to serve the problem until today. A totally disrespectful CS picked up the line and not listening to a word I said. (Another story, sorry get side tracked)


1. I got told on VM WhatsApp chat that BT system comply with VM. Is it true? I cannot test it ask the cable is different. But if it is, can VM not just change the socket to fit it? I have both BT phone and BT Openreach sockets on wall, but they look to be quite an old model.

2. Anyone have similar experience for installing broadband in loft flat, please? I am quite sure it is not an unique problem. I don’t want a permanent hole on wall (flat is newly renovated right before I bought it) and wait for water find a way in the roof structure with only 6 months fixed contract left. VM will just walk away with me dealing with the problems (I am cancelling VM with the unbelievable CS experience I got today). 

3. Do anyone know where should be my best chance of getting hold of any installation record, please? The CS (the shocking one today) and technicians all said VM don’t hold any record. 

4. I know there is VM hotspot reception in the flat. But with the new account not activated, is it possible to use it? (If it does, I may just wait out the contract. There is absolutely no way that I will be paying the cancellation fee for the 6 months left on the fixed contract) 


The house is an Edwardian house within conservation area. Converted to flat in 1991. The dormer at the front is originally building feature. With tiled check, pitched roof and timber soffit (not in a good condition) 
We are in the process of buying the Share of Freehold so getting freeholder consent is a bit tricky at the moment. 
the hub I got is a 3.0 I believe. 


Alessandro Volta

The VM system is completely incompatible with BT and they will need to drill a hole for their own cable.  

VM are generally reluctant to install above the first floor as they are not usually equipped and qualified for work at heights.

Was/is there a VM connection to the other flats beneath yours?  That may be the record that they hold.

This is not going to be straightforward.

As advised by jpeg1, this is unlikely to be a simple resolution due to VM's inability to manage anything other than straightforward processes and its restrictions on working at heights.

When you moved, was your new individual flat listed as serviceable on the VM website?

Was the original expectation, as advised by VM, that you were going to take your existing equipment with you and plug it in yourself (a 'Quick Start' installation)?

Were you simply transferring your existing package (unchanged) or did you make any alterations to your package as part of the move?

If VM cannot service your property their T&Cs should allow you to leave without any early disconnection fees. Ideally you want a quick decision on that so you know whether to look for a new provider.

Yes. It does. When the block converted, all flats get an individual number. So it specifically saying my flat is serving by VM. 

It was originally expected and advised by VM CS that I can just move the hub from old house to the new flat and plug in. I have told them before I move in that I noticed that there is no Vm socket in the flat and request to install one. The CS on the phone told me, it will be a simple job. So I was not expecting drilling on the dormer as it seems to be a particular weak point for water ingress…  I didn’t change the package, so it is still on the same term.  So still have 6 months to wait before I can cancel. Or I can cancel but still paying the same amount at once which was spread between 6 months. 

it will be fine without fibre if they allow me to activate the account now and use hotspot. I am living quite close to a high street, a bank and a library which all have hotspot that I can connect to. But seems I am not able to activate it until VM successfully install a socket… 

@elizabethhy wrote:

Yes. It does. When the block converted, all flats get an individual number. So it specifically saying my flat is serving by VM. 


OK, well while you are waiting for VM to get their act together, have a look through the automatic compensation scheme as you will be due compensation for a delayed 'Quick Start' installation (which IMO will be from the day you moved in and tried to plug in the equipment without a connection being available if VM allowed that to happen, despite you telling them there was no socket).

the compensation applies to moves to a new property (end of para 1) and, as you were expecting a 'Quick Start' installation, the failure is a total loss of service and counts at the higher rate of £8.40 per day (para 6). VM get two working days to fix the fault before the compensation clock starts.

VM should keep paying this for each day you are without the service. If they decide they are going to stop the compensation they need to give you notice of this and must continue to pay for a further 30 days beyond the cease notice. After that they must offer some alternative provision (mobile wifi etc.) or keep paying the compensation.

The OFCOM requirements are a bit easier to read.

Under its own T&Cs, VM can also abandon the installation and not install but current T&Cs advise you can then leave without paying any EDF and you should still get any compensation due. Also refer to section 37 in the OCOM doc about leaving without EDF as part of the cease notice procedure.

The above is my understanding of how the scheme should work in your case. Have a look through the above and see how it all applies to your situation. There are also other contributors on here who can advise whether the above is correct and maybe add more.

Topics on here often raise the issue that VM has not followed its own compensation scheme and has come up with a significantly lesser compensation offer based on monthly payments etc. for delayed customers. Do ensure you get whatever monies are due to you by way of compensation. Keep good records of all dates, times, comm's and failures by VM to deliver. If you have to make a complaint to arbitration then this evidence will be necessary.

You ideally want your service installing and working but you should also be receiving compensation while VM fails to deliver.

One of the VM forum team will reply here within a few days and may be able to reboot the installation process for you but also prepare yourself for the likelihood it might possibly be a long and convoluted process. Hope you manage to get it done sooner rather than later.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
If the flat is not serviceable you are allowed to exit the VM contract free of charge. You just have to prove you live at the non-serviceable location - council tax, utility bill etc. with your name on it


I do not work for VM. My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired, 2 on WiFi) Hub5 in modem mode with Apple Airport Extreme Router +2 Airport Express's. On Volt 350Mbps, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.

@elizabethhy wrote:

Yes. It does. When the block converted, all flats get an individual number. So it specifically saying my flat is serving by VM. 

Are you certain that there are no internal Virginmedia cables put in during the conversion? 

I actually don’t know. The convention was done back in 1991 (according to planning portal), so don’t think they have done it back then. When I bought the flat, it is newly redecorated.
I would assumed there must be some internal cable in the flat for VM record to say they are providing service to the flat. So, within this 30+ years, some upgrade may have happened to the house. But seems no one actually hold any record where everything goes. And the technician was saying none of the cables in the communal cupboard (there is only one which houses all electric meter, phone cable connection hub, etc…) belongs to VM but I cannot see drill hole on the external wall of 1F flat where broadband service is providing by VM as well. My neighbour is renting the flat for around a year only, so they don’t know much about the services as well…
I am hoping that VM can give me some sort of indication where they may put the cable previously so I may able to only make a small patch on one of the internal wall instead of a hole through the dormer (still don’t think it’s a good idea…)

Hey elizabethhy, thank you for reaching out with your question today, also a warm welcome to the community.

As mentioned we run our own line and have nothing to do with BT at all.

I have also taken a look at our side and I can see you are in contact with out team who are assisting you with your query.

Please do keep me updated on how it goes. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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