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Moving home - Quickstart


I'm going to be moving into a new flat in the next few weeks and we're looking at signing up to Virgin broadband. I've used it in the past, I've been quite happy with it and it's pretty much perfect for what I need but I have a few concerns / queries which I was hoping someone may be able to help with.

The flat currently has an old Telewest socket which means that it's probably used a virgin connection at some point in the past - from what I've read this should be compatible right? I've had a look at the availability checker thing and it says that the property is eligible for quickstart so I'd assume so.

I have read on here though about people who have signed up for quickstart not being able to get connected due to some of the older sockets not actually being hooked up properly. I work from home so it's pretty vital that I can get the internet up and running asap after moving in. If we went with quickstart and found that the socket isn't hooked up or there was a problem with the line what would the next steps be? How long would the turnaround be on getting this fixed if it did come to it? 

Just trying to get an idea of whether or not we should risk it really.


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Moving home - Quickstart

Get an engineer installation. If there is any kind of problem the engineer will be able to get it sorted.

BT Smart Hub 2 with 70Mbs Download,18Mbs Upload, 9.17ms Latency & 0.35ms Jitter.
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