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Moving home - Checker wrong?

So I've put an offer in on a house that's been accepted. I don't have a move in date yet, but I checked the Virgin Media (Can I get it? checker) and it said good news I can, full services (including Fibre Broadband)

I had a look at all of the houses near to the one I'm buying, and I see no evidence of a plastic Virgin box on any of them. I see the smaller grey BT boxes, but no Virgin boxes, which I find odd since the fastest Fibre connection available over a BT line is only 30 meg (which would do) but I've gotten used to the faster speeds with Virgin.

Could a member of the Virgin team PM me? I'm thinking that maybe they could check some of the neighbours addresses very close to mines, just so I've got an idea of whether or not any of them actually have Virgin. Obviously I don't want anyone's details, but I suspect the postcode checker is wrong. Because other checkers outside virgin say virgin is not available too.


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Re: Moving home - Checker wrong?

Hi there I can take a look for you, I will send you a private mesage to take some details and have a look.

Thank you 


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