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Moving House - VM CS unresponsive

On our wavelength

Hi all,

I’m moving house in about 5-6 months and the property doesn’t have virgin media. I really want to bring my services with me however I’m having a really difficult time getting this to happen.

So far I have called customer services and chosen the option about moving house 7 times since November 2022. I have spoken to 7 different people of which the first 5 told me they would most definitely call me back but never did.

The 6th person told me that there is an open request on my account about getting the broadband moved over but there’s no updates on it and to call back in a week. Two weeks passed and I spoke to the 7th person today who told me he would transfer me to the “pre installation department” and then he proceeded to do nothing whilst I could hear him fiddling around for 5 minutes, I said hello how’s it going and he hung up on me, so that was nice.

Essentially I’m looking to get in touch with someone at virgin media who can help me get my services moved over. I know the new property is currently not serviced but has been deemed serviceable, however works need to be carried out.

Any ideas?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello mupet0000


Thank you for taking the time to post in regards to your upcoming move and serviceability of the property. We appreciate you raising this via the forums.


We aren't able to make these arrangements for you via the forums but if you call the team on 0800 183 1234 they can arrange for a 'spotter' to go to the property to see if there is the chance to get it serviceable. This can take a few weeks but given you're not moving for a couple of months this hopefully would be complete in plenty of time.



Hi Robert,

Thanks, I understand that you cannot help me to do this on the forum. Of course, I called the team on that number multiple times over the course of many months as outlined in my original post. I actually received a call back after reviewing the service I received on the last call very negatively. The CS agent came back to me and said that the property is not serviceable, despite the house 2 doors away having service. She advised me to get in touch when I had a set in stone date for the move, I now have that information and tried to chat online but it resulted in this error:



I would say that despite having great broadband services, it's very difficult to deal with virgin media when I need to resolve a problem or get in touch for any reason. Whilst I am disappointed that the property cannot be serviced, the fact that I had to call that many times and will need to call again is far from efficient and waste of everyone's time.


Hi @mupet0000,

Thank you for your reply, and I am sorry you are having issues with seeing if your area is serviceable. We can fill out a form for our team to look into this for you. I will need some details from you so will pop you over a PM, keep an eye out for the little envelope 📩


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thank you @mupet0000 for messaging with me, I hope our team reach out to you and please keep us posted on how you get on.



On our wavelength
Hi Zoie,

Unfortunately, but as I expected, no one has contacted me within the 14 working days that you had mentioned.

Any idea why Virgin Media consistently fail to contact me, despite promising multiple times? I don't even think my query is that out of the ordinary or difficult, I'm merely moving house, but to be chasing Virgin Media about this since November and still going now in April just to get a response must be some kind a record?

So, what's the next step? Please don't tell me it's more waiting for a call that will never happen 🙂


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mupet0000 

Sorry to hear that you have not been contacted as discussed. I can see that you have an open private conversation with my colleague Zoie regarding this. You can continue your conversation via private message and they'll be able to assist you further and more quickly then we can respond publicly. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Hi Carley,

Thanks, I have reached out to Zoie to confirm that no contact has been made after 14 working days and she is contacting someone else to try and help me out.

Ultimately my aim is to also keep this thread up to date with any activity. As I have been dealing with this since November, I believe a public thread such as this will help my case when it comes to my actual move date which I've now got confirmed as June 1st. Considering the amount of effort required on my part to keep prodding away at Virgin Media, I fully expect many issues to take place if I need to leave Virgin Media mid-contract if you are unable to move services to my new address.

Therefore, I will reference this thread in any relevant correspondence, as it is good evidence that I have been actively trying to get my services moved and Virgin Media have consistently failed to contact me in relation to my new address.

Whilst I don't think I should have to put so much effort into this, it's clear that I cannot rely on Virgin Media.

Thanks for getting back to us @mupet0000 

We will leave you in Zoie's very capable hands.  As per your leaving without termination fees. If you see here, this will answer all your questions regarding this. If you read the section under "Early Disconnection Fees - from 17 June 2022."  I hope this reassures you.



On our wavelength

Hi Lee,

So it's been 3 weeks since I heard from Zoie. I received a call from the complaints department on 20/04/23 and was promised a call back on 27/04/23 which never happened. It's incredibly clear that Virgin Media are incapable of calling me back or pursuing this issue with any kind of professionalism. Please can you advise me of the contact details for someone senior that I may speak with, as I have absolutely no faith that anyone in customer services has any idea how to deal with my simple query of moving house.