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Moving Home


Apologies if this is the wrong board.

I am moving home in a few days and I contacted VM to notify them of this. Unfortunately I wasn't able to give them 30 days notice as I rent (and it's very difficult to get 30 days notice). I am bringing my current internet router with me as VM has cables in the new house.

VM called me and organised an engineer to come out and install the equipment but the date is a few weeks from when I move in, and I am unable to go without internet for this time.

Is it possible for me to install the equipment myself when I move in rather than wait until the engineer comes? If it is, do I just have to contact VM and tell them to close the internet at my old address and open it at the new one?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Moving Home

when you move your account is closed and a new account is opened.
this is because virgin provide service to a property, not to a person.

it's possible you can just connect your hub to the new property, but you won't know until you get there.
the reason for the engineer visit may be due to the line not being active any more at that property, thus it won't work until their visit.
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Re: Moving Home

If the service is operational at the new address then your hub should work when you connect it. When your new contract date starts you'll find that your broadband will go down until you reactivate the hub.

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