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Moving Home transfer not happening as wayleave letters not received

Tuning in

We moved home a couple of weeks ago and have been in contact with VM two weeks in advance about our home move, mid-contract.  First time dealing with their customer service.  The first contact was a worry from the start, as despite being transferred to the Moving Home dept, he didn't get back to us for a week that the move at their hand had been initiated.

A few days after moving in, they finally told us they needed permission from the neighbouring flats above and below to run a cable up the tenement, no digging involved.  It could only be done by snail mail and they'd have to send them back signed, then our process could start.  We got their details day one and relayed them on to VM with their assurance that they'd get their letters within 48 hours.  It's now been 10 working days.  VM has told us the letters were sent three times.  Neither neighbours have received anything.  On the fourth call, VM told us they could email the letters too.  We've now collected those emails and still no replies.

At this point, it feels like we're at an impasse and we'd like disconnect as any BT-line provider would have connected us already.  We asked to be disconnected but due to our contract not being over, it comes with fees over 200 quid.  We've talked to 9 different people yesterday between Movers, Retention and Customer Service, with varying levels of advice, including "get another provider and file a complaint to get your disconnection fee refunded" from one of the more exasperated Movers guy, who couldn't tell us why the letters weren't getting sent.  Someone else suggested our neighbours were lying to us.  (Our street got City Fibre this year, and downstairs neighbours is looking to switch to VM too once their current contract runs out.)

According to another CS rep, we still haven't been disconnected at the old address, despite the history of calls over the last month.  It feels so messy.

Any advice would be helpful here.  We'd be happy to continue our contract, but how do we get connected?


Alessandro Volta

There is a precedent that if Virginmedia is not available at your new location, your contract can be cancelled with no penalty. So this comes down to when VM decide that they can't install due to the lack of wayleaves. 

If you still want to use VM, contact those neighbours and ask them to sign the wayleave forms. If you would rather use another supplier, leave it to VM to decide they can't connect you - but that may take a long time. 

- jpeg1
My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

We've been in touch every day with the neighbours.  We all work from home, no way leaves arriving after three were sent according to VM.

Hi debasers,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about what has happened with your home move. 

Have you been able to speak with moves team again regarding the email form?


Hey Martin,

We re still not connected. It's been over a month since we ve moved. Neither way leave letters or emails have been received by our neighbours, although one neighbour has received an email checking in to see if they wanted to switch to VM. We spent another hour on the phone yesterday before getting disconnected. Unclear what to do next now.

Hi @debasers thanks for your reply, really sorry to hear this.

With Home Movers queries, you are better speaking to the team directly as we don't generally support with moves I'm afraid, due to there being a specific team for this. 

If you can try and contact them again, please keep us updated with the outcome - sadly this can sometimes take longer than anticipated to resolve.

Many thanks