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Moving Home Nightmare

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Just moved home recently, and the experience with VM has been nothing but a nightmare.

Initially I was cut off by VM a week too early by mistake necessitating a new setup of my account and move request. I've now moved address and I have now had three attempted installs and I suspect the next one will ultimately fail too.

The first install attempt the engineer told me the address was non-serviceable despite an old VM box clearly showing on the property. My next door neighbour appears to have VM, and the other neighbour whilst not connected has a box.

On the second attempt, the installer did find the necessary cable but advised that the address would require a repull as the existing cable was too old. He believed it would require possible overnight works due to the positioning of the pits in the road down to the VM box on the corner. He went on to say Kelly Comms would be responsible for the work and it should happen in the next few days. I never saw anyone from Kelly Comms appear anywhere near our address after the second attempt, despite assurances from the pre-install team at VM that I would. I also never received any promised callbacks from any of the team who appear to just make up stories in order to get a customer off the phone.

On the day of the third attempt, the VM installer came, but as the Kelly Comms people had not yet turned up, she could only do some very initial prep work. She then went away and advised me to call her when if Kelly Comms people showed up. They finally showed but agreed with what the second tech had advised that an overnight re-pull was needed.

I now have a 4th install date scheduled but zero faith that anything will happen. To make matters worse, we are in a mobile blackhole for all of the mobile networks so getting VM installed is pretty important to us. Customer service and in particular the pre-install team don't actually provide any meaningful service and updates from an Area Field Manager don't seem to happen. I've had one person who has actually bothered to call me back, but even they seem to be struggling to find anything out and I am not sure where to turn to.

It really feels like there is no communications between VM and their subcontractor and dates are all totally meaningless. Communications back to customers also just never happens. Any pointers on how to generate the much needed repull would be much appreciated. I know the geography of our street is a little different to many London streets as we basically have a dirt path rather than concrete tiles. That however should not have any baring on repull itself, although I would not be surprised if VM needed to suspend parking on one part of our street for 24 hours.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Travelstar

Thanks for posting. Sorry for the issues with the install. I'll send you a PM, check the system, raise a complaint if one isn't raised already, then pass it to the install complaints team who'll contact you within 5 working days.


Forum Team

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Thanks John. I've just replied.

I should add that we have very very limited mobile coverage up here despite being in zone 2 of London thanks to a few geographic/planning related issues, so getting the cable back up and running is quite important to get real connectivity. Sadly 2 mobile networks have zero coverage at our door, 1 has limited and the final is glacial. Needless to say I am tethering off the glacial service, but it is far from being a true viable option. 🙂

Thanks for joining me on PM @Travelstar

Just to update the thread, this was already with the field team so I've mailed them across to contact the OP asap.

If you do need further assistance, please pop us a public post and we'll be able to assist further.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Sadly no updates at all from Virgin Media and no work in the street. I have zero faith that anything will happen next week in respect to the repull but I guess we still have 4 days until this 4th potential install attempt which of course include 2 days in respect to the upcoming weekend.

The real question is what will happen next? Do Kelly Communications ever actually visit? Will an area field manager ever come back with a real update?

My current guess is that another tech will turn up for the install early next week and walk away again.

Don’t Virgin media worry about the money they spend on the right hand not talking to the left? Do they want to communicate with customers or just use their offshore staff to try and pacify customers with no hope of actually yielding an expected result?

Apologies for the delays regarding this Travelstar, 

Was there a proposed date advised for the external work to be completed?

Let us know,


The last date it was meant to be done was Friday the 15th, and then I was told the 16th, however no work has been carried out.

I cannot imagine anything will take place in the next 24 hours so the 4th install attempt will almost certainly fail. Let’s of course hope I’m wrong but it’s not looking good at this point in time. Getting real updates is a challenge and it’s clear there is not any real communication between Virgin Media and Kelly Communications who are doing the external work.

Hi Travelstar, 

Thank you for getting back in touch. 

I am sorry to hear you have not received any updates regarding the installation. 

I would like to take a look at the account and provide you with the updates we have available. 

I will pop you over a private message now. 

Speak soon, 



I’ve finally had an update today telling me what I already know which is that the street works have not been carried out.

My install has now been rescheduled for another 3 weeks from now (9 August).

Hi @Travelstar

Thank you for coming back to us about your ongoing install issues. I do apologise if this problem is still ongoing. 

I can see that my colleague has sent you a Private Message and that you have been discussing this issue through there. Have they been able to assist you a little further with this issue?

Let us know if you can.

Thank you.

Forum Team

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