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Moving Home Help!

Hi everyone sorry this is a long read but I really need some advice about my situation. I appreciate any help or advice that can be offered.

I recently renewed my contact (2 weeks ago) with Virgin Media and i am due to move home in a couple of weeks. I checked my new address to see what services i could get and all services were available when i checked. I called the Retentions department to get a better deal which i got and after I wanted to double check to see if i could get my same package at my address. He checked for me and i was told i could get my current package at my new address and I was told to ring back when i know which date i want for installation. 


Roll on today 2 weeks later i call up to arrange a moving house installation date and now I'm told i can't get my VM package at my new address. It stated 2 weeks on the website that all my services are available at my new address and the guy i called on Retentions said the same. New address has a VM phone line and fibre cable connected to the wall in the living room. The women i spoke to today said engineers will call to arrange a visit next week. What happens if i can't get my VM package at my new address? Even though i was specifically told on the phone and the website results stated 2 weeks ago that I could. 

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