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Move a Virgin Street Cabinet

Tuning in

Hi Virgin,

i want to explore moving a street cabinet to allow for a driveway.  Looking at this thread: the person was put in touch with the Cabinets Team.  

I realise if acceptable, this would be at my cost.  the thread i linked to implies the person involved was given a price and accepted and paid that price, i would like to explore this myself.

The property is in Hamilton Road, Hunton Bridge, Kings Langley, WD4 8PZ.

Can you put me in touch with the Cabinets Team?  I can supply personal details if needed.



Paul G



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Paul_G74 

Try the Construction desk on  0333 0005 925  option 2

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Alessandro Volta

General consensus in these forums is that moving cabinets is so costly that it never happens, but in the thread you linked to, a Google Streetmaps search shows that it did indeed get moved and the OP was able to open up the front of the house as a full width driveway.  This included a full replacement of the pavement and full width drop kerb that would have been done by the council, full width block paving of the front of the property and a new boundary wall, all that would have been expensive as well so obviously the VM quote came in and was eye watering but the OP went ahead anyway.  Arguably the property is significantly improved by the work compared to how it was before, and I'd guess that even with the likely £3-10k cost of a cabinet move and the other costs, they'll have added that to the value of the property, as well as benefiting from easy access off road parking for up to three cars.

If it had been more cosmetic then the cost would probably have been much more difficult to justify, but if you're in similar circumstances, don't be put off by the naysayers!

Thanks so much for the number.  I called this morning and was told i need to speak with the Cabinets Team and given a number 0333 000 5925 (option 3).

I called the  number and was told there is a specific team for moving infrastructure called Diversionary Works Team, their number is 0800 408 0088 (opt 1). A very helpful lady there told me to photograph the cabinet and send that along with all address details and drawing of my proposed relocation to:  where an engineer will make contact to make an assessment and provide a quote.

i asked what % of requests are declined.  She said that she had never seen a request declined, but costs to vary depending on the work involved and the size of the cabinet and number of customers routing through that cabinet.  

I then asked what the most expensive quote she’d ever seen was, and after pressing further she reluctantly said that depending on job size it could be £5k to £20k.

i am about to embark on the process and will post updates here.  Clearly this is going to be expensive but the point is it looks as though it can be done, but each person has to make a financial assessment on whether it is cost effective.

Hopefully this post can assist others with the same query and provide contact details for the right department to liaise with.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Cabinet moves get expensive if the existing road crossing duct has to be moved, or if the move involves another location having to be found that is in a different place on the road. It also depends on the size of the cabinet & the job it does within the network. Moving an end of section cabinet with no downstream chain will be far cheaper than a cabinet with say, a mains powered amplifier driver, or indeed a node exchange.

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Alessandro Volta

The other consideration that hasn't yet been mentioned is that in a road with many existing dropped kerbs, is there a suitable location actually available within a suitable distance?

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There is an ideal spot within 2-3 metres but if that is deemed 'too tight', there are two other definite easy options within 8-10m in either direction along the street.

Option A:


 Option B: 


Alessandro Volta

That looks hopeful. Good luck with the estimate!

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My name is not Alessandro. That is just a tag Virginmedia foisted on me.

Alessandro Volta

But will the Council allow you a dropped kerb at a bus stop?

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My name is not Alessandro. That is just a tag Virginmedia foisted on me.

The desire for me to put the new run up across where the Virgin Box is currently, is precisely because the council are unlikely to allow a run up across the bus stop.  The photos aren’t best angles but there is just enough space at the end of the bus stop to allow a new run up into the plot..... as long as i can get the Virgin Box moved.

fingers crossed highways agree.