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Low speeds, no date for new cable

On 27.04.21 engineers came to lay a new cable, I had had problems from 2019 with little or no broadband service, finally resolved with a CISAS decision, December 2020. They did not lay the cable, they said it was a loose connection which had never been found despite numerous engineers’ visits. They took a part out of the indoor connection box and spliced two cables. When they came the weather had been dry for weeks and the signal was only terrible or non-existent in wet weather, all other engineers said I needed a new cable. I queried this with Virgin asking if I should have had a new cable and have never had a reply.

I also found from the 27.04.21 that I was not getting the speed I pay for, I was not even getting half of the 362mbps that I pay for. The speeds varied between 115-139mbps downloads and 13-29mbps uploads all tested on Think Broadband and sites. From 05.05.21 I saved all these tests from the Think Broadband site and can send them to you. There were fifty days of less than half speed. I sent another email about both problems and suddenly from 16.06.21 I started getting the speeds I am paying for. I have never had any reply about the cable or the speeds.

From 04.08.21 my landline stopped working completely. The engineer came on 06.08.21 and said that I needed a new cable and that it would be fitted in about two weeks. He connected my landline through the modem. When I queried if this would work if the internet was down, he connected a box which he said had its own SIM to the modem and said this would ensure I always had a connection. The internet was down on one day and I had no landline connection at all. I rely on my landline in case of emergencies. Again, I contacted Virgin about this and again have had no reply.

Over the past few days, the internet has been slow and patchy and streaming has been difficult. I have started saving the new test speeds which again are less than half of what I pay for. I have heard nothing about when a cable will be fitted and it is over a month since the engineer came. I also do not know if my landline will work in an emergency and also if I should be paying for a landline connection when I no longer have one.

I hope you can help. I have always found the engineers and the forum to be really helpful but the customer service is terrible. Since my problems started, I have written and emailed a great deal. I either get no reply, a cut and paste letter that doesn’t cover the problem or a phone call in spite of me telling them that I have severe hearing loss and cannot manage phone calls.

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Low speeds, no date for new cable

Hey @SJJ678,


Many thanks for your post - I'm really sorry to hear of the issues you've had over the recent months.

I'd like to assist you further with this so I will send you a private message to confirm some account details. Please keep an eye on the purple envelope at the top of the page.


Many thanks,

Forum Team

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