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Loose cable on side of building

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Cables exiting Flat 19/10 Elgin Terrace, Edinburgh, EH7 5NW, are loose and need securely fixed to the wall. They are hanging over the bedroom window of the flat below and lashing and banging on the window whenever the wind blows regularly causing disturbed sleep.

The attached photos are from Google StreetView and must have been taken a while back as the cable is hanging across the window now. I will try to get some current photos when I can.Screenshot 2023-07-11 153740.pngScreenshot 2023-07-11 154049.png


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This can't be the only avenue available for support? I was advised to post this to 'How to Report Damage to Street Equipment' ( only to have a moderator move it here. I can't believe anyone is going to look at this, never mind get any results - there must be a better way?

Alessandro Volta

Replies from the VM forum team on here can take several days.

Are the cables your connection to VM or a connection for someone else in the building? Are you a VM customer yourself?

By default, VM tech's only seem to work up to first floor level as reported many times in the past on here. Depending where exactly the problem lies with the re-attachment of the cables, you may only get a partial fix based on your photos.

Sometimes VM responds quickly to this kind of problem. Other times the problem goes unresolved for ages.

Alessandro Volta

Staff on here can send a message, but you are unlikely to hear anything else.  It's the usual VM way to refer things around until the message gets lost and the complainant gives up.  If you really want this fixed you may have to contact the resident above and tell them it has to be fixed or you will have to cut it.  You may even find that it's no longer in use, in which case you can cut it anyway.

You have positively identified it as a Virginmedia cable? 

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Hi @jdon thanks for your post here in the Community although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

Can you please advise if you are a Virgin Media customer? If not, we'd need the resident to report the cabling fault to us and we can help further, can you advise further please?

Many thanks


Hi Tom, no I'm no longer an account holder, although I was when the cables were fitted. I now rent the flat out through an agency and live some distance away. I'll try to have the account holder comment on here.

Is there any truth in the comments above about only operating to first floor level?


Just to clarify, I own the property that the cables are exiting. I'm trying to find a solution to them lashing against the window of the flat below.

Alessandro Volta

VM will engage you for as long as possible in messages back and forth without actually doing anything. Eventually VM will give up or you will give up or VM may possibly come out and do something about the issue (within the limitations of how far up a ladder the person who turns up is willing to climb).

Depending on how much time/effort/sanity you want to expend trying to engage VM to deal with this, another alternative would be just to find a local handyman with a suitable ladder and some cable ties to tie the loose cables to the ones that are still fixed.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@jdon wrote:

Is there any truth in the comments above about only operating to first floor level?


Yes. As far as the normal network techs & installers are concerned they are not heights trained or insured to work above 1st floor level. There are a single figure number of trained safety teams that VM do employ, & these are responsible for any issues like this over the entire 50 odd cable franchise areas VM operates. Hence if you do get a job booked you are likely to be in a long queue.

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Hi @jdon,

Is it possible for you to provide recent/current photos of the loose cabling, please?


Zach - Forum Team
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