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Leaving Virgin Media

I've officially given my 30 day notice to leave VM but nobody seems to know the process for getting VM to remove the fibre cable from the street running in the driveway into the house through the front wall. 

I know I will be getting a returns pack for the modem etc but what's the process to get the cable disconnected from the property? I'd like this done as I want my new ISP to use the existing hole.

Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Leaving Virgin Media

Virgin do not offer that service, its there for future use.  Your new provider can make their own holes and do groundwork

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Leaving Virgin Media

Or, alternatively AFTER the VM service has finished, you can remove the above-ground cables and any wall boxes yourself.  That may mean VM would be reluctant to connect you if in future you wished to get service from them, so only do so if you have decided "never again".

There's no legal right for VM to leave their cables on your property, equally there's no obvious obligation on them to remove them if you terminate the contract.