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Late wifi installation - no alternative provided!

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I have recently moved flats in London and moved my Virgin Media broadband with me under the understanding that it would be available in the new flat. I gave a months notice of the move and was given an installation date of Tuesday 30th May, our first day in the new flat.

The night before the scheduled installed, I was informed by text that my installation date was delayed until Saturday 17th June 2023 with no explanation. We are dependent on internet access for our jobs and we have received no offer of an alternative source of internet in the meantime.

It has now been nearly a week since we have been without internet and we have no information about when this is likely to be resolved. The customer service has been shocking and I have been told multiple times that someone would be in contact with me about updates and I have not received any information.

Please help - thanks!



Flats can be very complex especially as landlords and management agents must give written permission for VM to perform groundworks and to cable / drill the walls of the building.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @whitmore14 👋.

Thanks for your post and reaching out to us. Apologies that you are having delays in your installation 😢. As @Client62 (thanks for the assist) said, there are situations with obtaining permissions from councils, as well as working alongside third party companies whose calendars may not be as flexible as ours that can delay installations due to external works that may be required. Have you contacted our Pre-Installations team who will have more information on this? They are contactable directly on 📞 0800 052 1734. 

Should you face any issues, please come back to us on here.