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Last minute cancellation of install

Joining in

We had an installation booked for today between 1 & 6.... last night at half 7, we received a message that it would now only be on 26/07 - 16 days late, leaving us with no internet for over 2 weeks, with 2 people planning to work from home in that time & in the middle of exams season, with a 15 year old needing to revise. 

Absolutely no reason given for the cancellation & the link given in the message to click to change the date of the visit doesn't work.


Tuning in

This seems to be a running theme unfortunately. Exact same has happened to us, 3rd of June to 24th. No explanation given. 

Alessandro Volta

Start to prepare some backup measures to keep you online while you wait for VM to install (additional mobile data, data SIM on a rolling monthly contract etc.). You may possibly be in for a very long wait. You may also be installed in 16 days' time but no-one in VM will be able to give you information you can rely on and use to plan with. Read through the many other 'delayed installation' topics on here and you will get an idea of VM's behaviour and failures in this sort of situation.

Start keeping detailed records and evidence as you go along of all of VM's bungling and false promises. You will need this as evidence when compensation is due

Particularly important is to track down a record of the first installation/activation date that VM gave you in writing (which will typically refer to a technician visiting to install equipment as opposed to an initial cable installation date which usually precedes the technician visit).

There are plenty of past examples on the forum of VM trying to wriggle out of paying any/all of the compensation due to waiting customers by attempting to use a range of dubious and erroneous excuses. Having all of the facts straight as a chronological sequence of failures will help when you eventually have to escalate to arbitration to get paid whatever you might be due