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Issue with wired devices when rebooting SuperHub 3

If I need to reboot (either by switch or via web interface) my SH3 or it reboots itself, then once it has come back online I am finding that any Windows 10 computers wired into the SH3 also need to be restarted before they are able to access the internet.  Wireless devices do not seem to be affected.

Thankfully reboots don't happen very often, but I find it can sometimes be inconvenient to restart computers after the SH3 comes back online.

Is this a known issue?

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Re: Issue with wired devices when rebooting SuperHub 3

I think it is down to the way that Windows manages ethernet adaptors.  Because the connection has died, Windows needs to reset the ethernet adaptor.  Usually if you wait a few minutes Windows may reset it itself, rebooting obviously works, but a quicker alternative to rebooting the whole device is to reset the network connection yourself through Settings>Network & Internet>Status>Network reset.

But the real issue is why the Hub is rebooting itself (or needs a manual reboot) sufficient to be an issue?  You do say it isn't that often, but presumably often enough to be a problem that you want to fix?  The Hub 3 is a mediocre device, but it is for the most part stable if the connections are good.  So frequent resets suggests problems that should be resolvable.  Sometimes it can be mains power problems - check and remake all power connections between the wall socket to the PSU to the hub, and whilst at it make sure the data cable is securely connected to both hub and wall box.  If you can temporarily use a different wall socket, that would help eliminate a dodgy connection between your ring main and the socket - whilst that's rare, I had a problem where a smart washing machine kept flagging up serious error codes and stopping mid-cycle, and that turned out to be a fully serviceable machine, but the live cable had become loose in the terminal on the back of the socket.  Some checks for you:

  1. Does a wired speedtest get your full line speed?
  2. Connect to the Hub 3, don't log in, go to check router status, and cut and paste router status data for Upstream and Downstream tabs and put them in a reply or two here
  3. Create an account and then set up a Broadband Quality Monitor at (change the BQM name so that it doesn't include your IP address), let that run for a day or two and see what it shows.  It should look something like mine below, but if there's higher yellow spikes, a thicker blue trace, any red fringing along the top, or repeated red bands or spikes, then that's another illustration of a problem.

My Broadband Ping - VM number 2

Any problem indicated by items 1, 2 or 3 above would require VM action to resolve, but usually best to have a good diagnosis before seeking help.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Issue with wired devices when rebooting SuperHub 3

Its a known issue for windows and Automatic Private IP Addressing so when the hub goes down the network link goes down and windows trys to DHCP and fails because the hub is still rebooting.

So you can either unplug replug the Ethernet cable or set a static LAN IP of your windows like:
dns and

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