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Is this text about early delivery offer genuinely from virgin

Tuning in

I recieved a text claiming to be from virgin media (0786006xxxx).

It gave me an offer of £150 bill credit if i book an earlier delivery, telling me to text back yes or no.

I can't tell if this is a genuine offer or not from virgin, can someone confirm please.





[MOD EDIT: number edited in case it's an innocent number being spoofed]



Alessandro Volta

I call a scam.  If VM wanted to change an install date they'd call you and ask (or simply not attend at the agreed time and if need be pony up the £25 compensation under industry rules) they certainly wouldn't offer you more money to change an appointment than they'll make on your contract in the first 18 months....


Alessandro Volta

Well considering how hard VM find it to deliver on time, and are frequently weeks or months late, it seems difficult to believe that they would offer such a bribe.

If it wss me I might be tempted to follow it up and find out what the catch was, but hang up when they ask for personal information. 

"Hi, it's Virgin Media. Great news! We can offer you an earlier date for your Virgin Media kit to be delivered. Reply YES to reschedule before the end of June and get £150 bill credit, or reply NO to keep your current date for now."

That was the text i recieved, the weird thing is that i initially made a wrong appointment set for this week then rearranged the delivery date for a month later, it's a really convenient message or someone has a hold of some very personal virgin media data.

Not applicable

Doesn't make any sense to me but then VM have done £150 credits before but to new customers

Let's see what the VM team say. 

Tuning in

Ok, i replied yes and an automated message told me it will be sent in the next few working days(rather vague).

A 2nd text said it will moved to my chosen date(?)

Very strange

Hi @Chiyan thanks for your post although I'm sorry to hear of your confusion surrounding the text.

I can confirm that this is an incentive that we were providing to customers last week, so this is a genuine text from Virgin Media.

Have you got the answers you need since your post last week, or would you require me to investigate this further for you and provide you with a more specific answer?

Please let me know and if so, I can send you a PM to discuss this further.

Many thanks


Thank you for the response.

My delivery was rearranged on the app automatically so i already assumed it was a genuine offer, the only thing that has confused me was i recieved an email stating a technician would be coming however this was supposed to be a self install pack. I'm not sure if this is just an automated response by accident as it still states a self install pack is being sent on the app.


Hi @Chiyan,

Thank you for expanding on this. If you've booked this as a Quickstart/self-install order then it will remain that way. We would only need to send out a technician if either you've specifically requested for it or if there isn't a installation point in your property.

Be sure to let us know how the installation goes and if you have any additional queries we can help you with.


Zach - Forum Team
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