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Is this legitimate or a scam?

Tuning in

Hi all

I recently tried to get Virgin media broadband, but with no luck due to issues with the cable (more info on this in my previous post). I had given up and gone with another provider when someone came to my door and said that they can install it. He says as there’s a known issue on my street, I have to communicate with him directly (via mobile) and if I call virgin media directly, they will say it’s still unserviceable.

He seemed fairly legit - was wearing a uniform and had a tablet, but this method seems really strange, as I spent hours trying to get them to re-evaluate their decision to not fix the issue, and then weeks later someone shows up out of the blue saying only he can organise it.  

I have attached a picture of the card he left with us.  



Alessandro Volta

Promises from VM's field sales agents (assuming this guy was genuine) are a regular source of complaint on the forums specifically in relation to the actual deal that comes through not matching what was discussed in person.

The agent will doubtless chalk up a nominal sale, which will contribute to some kind of monthly total for him, irrespective of any problems to you further down the line if the installation fails to materialise.

The fact he is telling you to only communicate through him should start ringing some alarm bells!

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi sashmias,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, really sorry to hear you were told you can get our services by the Sales rep however this didn't turn out to be the case, we appreciate your frustration and can only apologise, I can also confirm sales agents would only get paid for a sale once the services have been installed and are up and running.




Hi, can you read my post properly please? That’s not the question I asked. 

Knows their stuff

Beware of these pedlars used by VM. Their sales practices were thoroughly discredited just a few years ago and VM gave an undertaking to cease using this method of sale. They seem to be back with a vengeance as VM become more desperate for business. I would imagine that the pressure to get sales must be pretty intense particularly with the pay by results policy.

Hi sashmias, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one and apologies you feel as though Paul didn't read your post correctly. 

Going back over it, I'm unable to see any question that was asked. 

If you've been advised by the team that your address isn't serviceable then this would unlikely change unless some major work has happened in your area. 

We can only apologise for the sales agent and will ensure we pass on this feedback to the relevant teams. 

If you need anything else, you know where we are. 


Forum Team

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