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Intermittent modem connection to virgin network

On our wavelength

Hello all.


Just recently, some has main work has been started on our street. Around this same time (possibly coincidental, maybe not) our connection has been getting more and more unstable.


The network log on the router is also full of this:

Lost MDD Timeout;CM-MAC=(Mac removed)

CM-STATUS message sent. Event Type Code: 16; Chan ID: 159; DSID: N/A; MAC Addr: N/A; OFDM/OFDMA Profile ID: 2.;CM-MAC=(Mac removed)

Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;CM-MAC=(Mac removed)

I believe the local area is ok, since the connection is fine when working, and the log shows no post or pre rs errors: 


 EDIT: I have just realised that I may have posted this in the wrong section. Connections seemed like the most suitable, but I may have misunderstood.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Please post a full set of stats:

How to get stats from a VM hub (no need to logon to the hub)

Open a web browser and go to router mode or modem mode

  • Click on the “> Check router status” button
  • Click on the “Downstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply, do not take a screen shot
  • Click on the “Upstream” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply
  • Click on the “Networking” tab, copy the text and paste into your reply.
    • Do NOT post photos or screen shots they will be rejected as they contain MAC addresses. The board software will automatically change MAC addresses to **:** if done as above.

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