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Intermittent Connection

In mid-May our 100meg broadband connection became intermittent. It would work for emails/web browsing but any moderate downloads, such as I Tunes podcast updates or Adobe updates would cause the broadband link to break. This affected all our computers at the same time (2 desktops linked to modem by ethernet cable and two wireless laptops and two smart phones). The break would last for about 3-5 minutes then the link would re-establish itself. Most times it would fail again if too much was downloaded. We do not stream or game. All cables checked many times etc.

Since May, and after many phone calls, we have had a new modem sent, three technician visits and, after a delay of nearly 4 weeks, today 2nd July a replacement cable was laid between the main cable box to the small box on the side of our house. (There might be noise on the line?) The cable from the box that goes around the front of the house, through the wall and on to the modem was not replaced. Result – sadly the fault remains.

When connected download speeds can be at maximum (100+), although the average is about 60 mbps and tonight around 5 only!

Cannot get through on the phone so what can I do/try next? After 6 weeks I would like this sorted, especially as one of us at home is shielding and we have not and do not leave our home for any reason. Hence a good connection is important for us.

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