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Installing Virgin Media to new property

Ive just ordered the Virgin Media QuickStart internet and phone package. 

Having moved into a new property I’m having trouble locating the Virgin box? The previous owner said he was also using Virgin in the house yet I still can’t find it. He said there is a socket in the dining room that should attach to the hub. I’ve found the wall socket but it looks completely different from the Virgin one? I’ve attached a picture of the said socket. I was wondering if it’s ok to plug the isolator cable from the hub straight into the socket like that previous owner has stated?6D7C2665-7E77-48E8-87ED-1E124938F69D.jpeg


Thank you

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Re: Installing Virgin Media to new property

It'll take a while for the picture to appear on the thread, but I've taken a look and it looks for all the world to me like a standard coax TV aerial socket.

What you could try to find, on the outside front wall (probably) there should be a brown box, there should be a black thick coax cable coming up from the ground and into it. If you pop the cover off, you should see a barrel connector linking this to another coax cable which will be going through the wall into the house. Instead of the connector, there may be a splitter if the previous owner had multi-room with a TV box upstairs say.

If you find this and it does look as if the cable is coming in directly behind the socket in your picture and appears to be connected to the back of it, then that'll be it and I was just confused by the angle and lack of any sort of marking on the box. Otherwise start from the outside and work in and your should be able to find where the connection is.