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  • What a Joke this company is. Fibre to the premises put in 2 days after order (12th December). "Engineer" came 2 weeks later on an afternoon call and reported "no signal". Another new fibre put in the next day. Just got a message to say the engineer will be back on 4th January! NO INTERNET FOR XMAS. 👏



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Hew22.

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Community.

Sorry to hear about the delay with your installation.

Did the engineer advise anything as to what the issue was apart from no signal?




No. But when the guys came back to blow another 80m fibre to the cabinet they told me it happens all the time. If the engineer doesn't like the look of the job, or just wants to go home early, he'll deliberately damage the fibre in the cabinet. Can't be proved of course, but they said that they could see that is what was done. Thanks Virgin Media. #NOINTERNERTFORXMAS

Thanks for coming back to us Hew22 and I'm sorry for the delays in getting your services installed. Have you been advised of a new date for your install to be completed?

Have you raised a complaint about the delays that you're having getting your services installed? 

Kind Regards,


If you refer to my original post the engineer is due back on 4th January. The new fibre is in place from the cabinet to our house (brown box on wall). All that is needed is the engineer to come out (again) and run the coax to the router. It's not acceptable that I had an original completion date of 15th December (the date that my previous Vodafone, copper wire contract ended) and I am now having to wait until the New Year for internet.

I have complained via phone, twitter and here, yet nothing makes any difference. We are still without Internet for the entire festive period due to the incompetence of your company. I seriously doubt we will even use your services now, unless by some miracle you get us connected before Christmas Day. 

Thanks for coming back to us @Hew22, and I'm sorry to read of the poor experience when trying to have the services installed.

Can you please confirm if the service has since been installed?

If this is still unresolved and we have gone past the Christmas Day deadline you suggested in your previous post, we would be able to cancel the work order for you via our Forums, if you wished to do so.

Kindest regards,