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Installation post poned due to lack of the outside box - no new date


I placed an order on 14.03 to have an installation on 17/03/2020. It was postponed to the actual installation date to 21.03. 20.03 I received an email that my installation took place on 16.03 (!?) and I will be charged for the installation and activation fee. My confirmed order was 100Mbps,  25pounds/month for 18 months and no fees for installation and activation (uSwitch deal). Furthermore - "confirmation of the order and first bill estimate" email said that my monthly bundle price is 29 pounds/month! How come so many mistakes could come to one order? I was on the phone waiting over 30 minutes trying to sort this out.
I logged in on the Virgin Media website and there was information saying that I am no longer Virgin Media customer (?!). I went on 20.03 to the Virgin Media store to find out what happened. In the system, it was showing that I requested to cancel my installation (!?) and had to book a new one for 25.03 and cancel that mysterious order of 29/month. I made it over the phone through the help of store workers.

On 25.03 engineer finally arrived to connect me to the Virgin Media Broadband and he brought up some bad news. He could not connect me due that some previous tenants took some "outside box which should be there and cut the cable". He told me that he needs to arrange some kind of "2 man job to get the wires from another side of the street which requires council permission to open hatch" and someone will call me in the morning (26.03) to arrange a new installation date. It's already 1:30 PM - no contact has been made from VM and I am trying to find out how long will it take over the phone. I am tired of that I cannot be connected to the Internet in my new place and have no clue when finally I will be connected...

What's funniest - in my account it says that I am already connected as the installation took place...

Can anyone tell me when the installation will finally take place? PLEASE HELP ME! 😭

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Re: Installation post poned due to lack of the outside box - no new date

Hi Casper 

I've sent you a direct message. 



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