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Installation placed on hold - unable to get any further detail

I will be moving house shortly and was due to have a new installation on 10/09/2020 and subsequently received a message saying that "Installation has been placed on hold due to external work being required to complete your install". I am an existing customer and this would just be a house move.

As someone who works from home (and does not have access to an office) this is less than ideal.

I have tried unsuccessfully a few times to get further information from the call centre around the cause or length of delay.

My online account does not provide an further information except the order number dated the day I initially called VM. 

Do these things normally resolve themselves fairly quickly or does anyone have any suggestions as how best to resolve this?

Unfortunately I am out of ideas.

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Re: Installation placed on hold - unable to get any further detail

Have you tried the pre-installation and delivery team - they "might" have more info? On.. 0800 052 1734.

You could also try the text number - 07533 051809 - replies may be longer though.

If they are no help a VM person should respond on here in a day or two and find out for you.

Be aware if its a new install and it's on hold for "external work" it could happen quite quickly but if they have to do some digging of pavements/roads they may need permission from the local council. They all move at the speed of a glacier. It can easily add 4-8 weeks to the time scale. So you do need to get that info to know if you need to make temporary arrangements.


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Re: Installation placed on hold - unable to get any further detail

The delay can be anything from a few days to 8 weeks, it usually means that they are waiting for a third party (could include waiting for council planning permission to be approved), that's why its so vague. Typically it's usually because the house doesn't have a cable running to it (or the cable doesn't work) and they can't give a time frame as to when they can have this cable installed due to third parties.