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Installation hell

So some time back in march i got a sales call from virgin " we are installing cable in your area" you know the drill if you've had such a call,I make it known to the sales representative that our property is relatively new and I've seen no such work being carried out in my area since the properties where erected but I'm assured that the Virgin Media service is available for my property and I decide to go ahead knowing full well my BT service is due to conclude and an installation date is set in the paper work that follows.

So I plan for the date ( April 5th ) I even avoid weekend celebrations, take days off and turn my home into a war zone just to accommodate the engineers, I awake on the April 4th to my dog yapping and take a look out the window, It's Virgin with a big real of yellow cable, I ask them are they here to install my service and they tell me they are here to lay the cable from my property to the junction box, So I ask them if everything is set for the next day, They tell me that everything is fine and the engineers will be out the next day to do the home installation.

The next day comes and so do the engineers and they do a quick look and inform me that they are unable to install the service and that they need to dig up the road to put in a three meter patch across the bottom of the road, Disappointed i ask when the work will be completed and I'm informed 4-6 weeks, So i call customer support and try to get confirmation and get informed that indeed it should take 4-6 weeks and that they will get right on resolving the issue.

So I wait 2 weeks and give them another call to no avail, 3rd week i call again and again to no avail, no install date and no contact from Virgin.

Week 4 comes and goes, Week 5 comes and I call again and again to no avail, No previous follow up calls, No update on when the install will happen despite requesting updates on when the install will happen.

Week 6 comes and goes and now we are into week 7 ( beyond virgins second install date of 4-6 weeks ) still no follow up calls and no information from virgin so I call again.

This time i spend way over an hour on the phone get passed from department to department to department, I finally get passed to an agent from installations and after the customary account number, name, address and password he puts me on hold, I've spent an hour waiting what's a few more minuets, time passes and the agent comes back to me and informs me that there is no information on the system relating to digging up the road in fact there is no information on the system indicating any work needs doing never mind installing the 3 meter patch across the road and an e-mail has been sent out to various department heads to resolve the issue but again nothing further, No install date and no follow up calls.

So week 7 from original install date ( nearly two and a half months from the sales call ) and I'm still no closer to an install date and expect to have to call virgin again and again and again.

The sales representative didn't listen to the information i gave in regards to the availability of the service to my property.

The engineers out the day before the engineers came to install in my home didn't tell me about any problems with hooking up to the network despite me requesting to be informed of any problems with the hook up.

And at no point in time has virgin or any of the installation team contacted me to give me any sort of update regarding the install.

And back to the here and now, Virgin sales misrepresented the ability of me getting the service, They constantly fail to return calls and have left me in a costly rolling monthly contract with BT ( their contract was to end on the 9th of April ) and I see no end in sight.

Will virgin actually install the service they where so adamant that they could provide ?

How many hundreds of pounds am I to waist on a rolling monthly contract with BT before virgin ( if they ever do ) install my service and get me up and running, Does anyone have an answer for me or should i continue to deal with obviously inept agents whose bottom line is commission on sales and how many calls they can get through in a day.




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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Instlation hell

Hi mattysp911

Thank you so much for taking the time to get in touch with us on the forums about the delays to your installation. My apologies that this has been such a lengthy process.

I have taken a look at the account for you and can see that the Construction team are handling this for you. There is maintenance work that is necessary before we can connect you as a customer with us and this needed approval from our civils teams and permits before this could be requested.

For you to keep up to date on the work that is being done to support your installation request, you can either check back here with us and we'll take a look at the account  status for you, or you can contact the Construction team directly on 0345 045 0595.

We really do appreciate your continued support in this application and will do what we can to support. Please keep in touch about this.

Take care.

Forum Team

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Re: Installation hell

Know how yo feel taken me three months so far

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