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Installation delays!

Tuning in

I originally signed up for Virgin Media on 20/12/22 and I’m still waiting for the pre installation work to be completed.

the first install date was 18th Jan 2023 but the VM engineer came and left because the pre installation had not been done.

they reschedule the install for the 7th of feb but then a couple days later I get an email saying it’s been moved to 21st march. I call them and they move it to 11th feb , got another email yesterday saying 21st march again!!

I have called numerous times and they say the pre install will be done on that day but nothing happens.

they say they will monitor and call me back but they don’t. 

they say they have escalated but still nothing.

is there any way I can speak to customer service from the UK and raise a complaint? 


Alessandro Volta

Search the forum for the topic of "delayed installation", read a few of the threads that come up.  Fundamentally you wait on them, they will provide no accurate information, it could be done tomorrow, it could be done in many months.  Then VM will try and evade their obligation to pay compensation under Ofcom's automatic compensation scheme rules.

The regulars of this forum have watched in wonder, horror and despair at how VM have mis-managed the pre-pull and related re-pull activity for the past few years.  Nobody at VM can help you.  Nobody at VM knows anything.  Nobody at VM cares.  Nobody at VM can cut through the North Korean style bureaucracy.  The staff here will be able to offer an apology, raise a complaint, and maybe send an email on your behalf to the mythical "area field manager", who in turn is equally unable to help.  Any complaint will be either completely ignored, or get you a poorly worded fob-off that takes you no further forward.  One poor soul who came to this forum seeking hope waited an entire year for their installation to be completed, another waited 13 and a half months.  Admittedly most installations aren't like that, but the process operates like a mystery box - no way of knowing what's going on.

You may also get the council delays excuse, both the (wrongly) justify VM's inactivity, and then to dodge the obligation to pay compensation at £5.25 per day for a delayed installation, plus £25 for any missed visit that you had to be in for.

Thanks, il see if I can raise a complaint and just play the waiting game.

Tuning in

Signed up 

20 Dec 2022

VM agent said it should be 4/5 Jan but wmail confirmed 18 Jan

Original install date

18 Jan 2023

No pre installation work done

2nd install date

7 Feb 2023


3rd install date 

11 Feb 2023

Changed to 21 March without contacting me but managed to get back to 11 feb 

4th install date 

21 Mar 2023

Again changed without any notice 

Hi Yahya2021,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome back to our Community Forums.

I'm very sorry to hear there have been some delays in your installation. I completely understand your frustration and the inconvenience this may be causing. Delays can be for various reasons, and although it is often disputed, depending on your area and the relevant permissions we have there, permit approvals can be a large factor, or sometimes the contractors we use, set specific dates/times for the work to be completed.

If you have been provided with an in-home installation date, then the pre-pull work by our Pre-Enablement/Construction Team can complete the work at any point up until then - you won't need to be home for our team to do this.

I'm going to send you a private message so we can get this raised to our Field Construction Team, who will be able to discuss both our Auto Compensation Scheme, and any further compensation for these delays. Please look out for it in the top-right, purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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permit approvals can be a large factor

Yeah, they can.  Like here.  And here.  Amongst others.


Thank you for your response. If it was a permit issue, there has been enough time for it to be applied for and granted. I just find the communication had been extremely poor. Dates have been change multiple times with discussing or notifying me by calling me. Also I never get a call back even though they promise someone will. Il check my inbox and respond to you.

Finally had my installation but now being told I’m not entitled to any compensation at all. 

@Yahya2021 wrote:

Finally had my installation but now being told I’m not entitled to any compensation at all. 

There's a surprise, wonder how I predicted that some weeks ago?  

What you now need to do is raise a formal complaint with VM.  This will be fobbed off, but no matter, it's a requirement before you go to the Ombudsman.  In the meanwhile, check with the council's highways team to get any details of VM permit requests, when requested and when issued.

Alessandro Volta

@Yahya2021 wrote:

Finally had my installation but now being told I’m not entitled to any compensation at all. 

Well, the conclusion to this similar topic below should offer you some encouragement that compensation can be forthcoming but it may well require a complaint to Ombudsman Services.

Did VM share with you the reason you are not being awarded any compo?

The 'provisional installation date' excuse can't be true because the VM tech turned up on 18 Jan, even though no cable pull had been done, so let's eliminate that irrelevant VM favourite imaginary excuse from the start and begin your compo calculation from 18 Jan.