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Installation delays 5+ months

Tuning in

Hello there, 

I joined virgin media in mid May with my first promised installation in June. I have had several delays every two weeks up until August 3rd, which then they realised that a cable had to be pulled from the cabinet to the house. The delay was two months (2nd of October), but mentioned they only needed 2-4 weeks to complete the job, in which they would pull forward the appointment. I called ever so often to get updates, which every time they said there was a whole day appointment on the same day and that I would be notified upon completion. I feel like the appointments are booked but no one is actually completing the job. I don’t see anyone working in my local area and the cabinets are untouched as well. Which makes me feel like there will be another massive delay after waiting 8 weeks from the last promised appointment. I haven’t seen any planning permissions on my local councils website either.

can someone check the process? To see if the sub contractors are doing anything?


Alessandro Volta

When you call VM for updates, the person you are talking to has no idea at all what the status of your job is. They are simply reading the next scheduled date on their order management system. The phrase that customers keep reciting on here is that the agent will 'guarantee' the installation will take place on the next given date but the guarantee has no value to it at all.

You might find some info on here ref street work (assuming VM's contractor has applied for such work) but not all work is listed reliably

use the drop down box under search for any future scheduling. You can also try phoning your local highways authority (which might be your local council or county council) and ask if VM has applied for any permits for street work (if that is the line VM is giving about the delays).

In reality, your job is likely to be delayed on cost grounds until someone works out what is involved and required to do the work and whether your job is within the allocated budget. Until that happens you will wait.

Keep detailed notes as you go along of everything that has happened as you will be eligible for compensation for the delay

once you are connected.

In the meantime (if you currently have no connection) look into some sort of mobile connectivity on a rolling monthly basis to keep you going while you wait for VM.

Thanks for the reply,

upon checking the website you provided, there was nothing referenced for the next “12 months” on my street. There was however work being done at various addresses 0.7 miles away. As you said it can be inaccurate. I wish I could somehow get some genuine information to continue by my day not having to think when are they actually going to come.


I talked to them today, another whole day appointment that gets folded over to the next day everyday until “completed”. Seems like a never ending work.

But thanks again for your reply @goslow.

Hey YildizSagin,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your installation journey with us. This is far from the experience that any of customers should be having. 

The agents should not saying its a guarantee that the team will be out to complete any external work, this work can be carried out up to 24 hours before your internal install is completed. I can see that a complaint has been raised on your account and that this has been staged to the appropriate team to have this look into further, I will try to get in touch with the agent that is managing your complaint and ask them to get in touch with you for an update. 

Kind Regards,


Hello Steven,

thanks for the reply, unfortunately every time I have called they have mentioned that “today” there is a whole day appointment and it will be completed. They have until 6pm to finish the work on that given day and it would be repeated on the other days I call too. 

thank you for helping me out here though, I would really like to be updated on regards of what’s happening and the progress of the work.

kind regards,

Yildiz Sagin

Hello Steven,

did you manage to get in contact with the agent in regards to the case. I haven’t received any updates regarding the complaint.


thank you


Thanks for your reply @YildizSagin. Sorry to see that this still has not been installed.

As your complaint is with our specialist team already, it would be best to discuss this further with them as they'll have access to this information for you.



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After waiting 5 months for an installation, my appointment has just disappeared. August 2nd they delayed it by 2 months for October 2nd for outside work. The appointment just disappeared yesterday morning, and no one called/notified regarding another delay or else what, I just found out when I opened the app to check if everything was still as it is.

why is no one letting me know? There’s no new date. Why does the customer service have to be so bad? 

Hi there @YildizSagin 

Thank you for popping back to us and I am so sorry again that this has happened. 

I can see at you have spoken with our team today in regards to this and they have provided an update. Please do keep us updated and the teams will do all they can to get this resolved for you. 

Hello there,

thanks for getting back to me. I was told that the construction team would get in touch with me with 24-48 hours or so after filling in a form got to do with 3m of work or something. I haven’t received any updates regarding the issue. 

could you help out please?