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Installation delayed 3 times

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Hi all,




I signed up to virgin media in December 22, my installation day was set as the 10th of January. I was told I would need an engineer to complete work outside and an engineer to come and complete work inside. On the 10th I had an engineer come over and complete installation inside, only to be told that the outside work had not been completed. He told me they should complete it shortly, and even commented himself that it was strange that the outside work hadn't been done before the 10th, so that any issues couldve been solved.




My installation was then pushed back to the 2nd of February and I was told that work needed to be done outside of my property, as there is a blockage somewhere and would need permission to complete the work. I was assured this would be done by the 2nd, almost a month after my initial installation date. I explained to 4 different people in virgin media "customer service" that my old provider will be cutting off my services on the 16th of January, leaving my without TV or Internet, which I rely on. Again I was featured that it would be done before this. I have now been told that, yet again, my installation is pushed back to the 25th of February because they need to ensure they have the right permits, permits which could have been gained weeks ago. Customer services seem awful, and very unhelpful, my appointment for my pre-pull has been rescheduled every day so far because "they're allowed to turn up and time before my installation date" even though my installation date keeps getting pushed back. Virgin is the best Internet in my area as my previous provider couldn't even offer me a third of the speed virgin are, but thats pointless unless it is actually set up. What can I do?








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The difference between 330 via Openreach and Gig 1 is not going to be seen in domestic internet activity or TV streaming.

With so many snags in delivering the VM service it is best to assume nothing about the dates.

Retain existing ISP arrangements until the VM service is fully operational & stable, or proves not possible to deliver.

Alessandro Volta

what can you do - absolutely nothing to get any info from VM - how can they possible tell you something they neither know or have control of - search for other install problem threads - its all there

the only plus is you are racking up compensation of a fiver a day from your original install date - i see they have used the permit excuse which is rubbish - your local council will issue that within 48 hours normally - 72 at the most - but thats only useful if VM or their contractor actually applies when they say they do and then act on the permit - you can check with your council if VM have actually applied

2 things you can do -

1 - do not cancel even if you decide its just not worth the hassle - the fiver a day is adding up

2 - keep records - for if and when you are installed so you know what you are owed - VM are likely to try and reduce that amount so it would need to go to arbitration



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