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Installation charge on a property which requires an engineer

Hi all,

I’ve recently ordered virgin media broadband and opted for a quick start installation, which is stated on their website as follows:

‘We have a self-installation option called Quickstart.  This is usually available where the home has recently had an active Virgin Media fibre broadband service and is available on most, but not all, Virgin Media packages. 

...If you choose to have the equipment delivered to your home, or an alternative address, we will normally charge a home delivery fee.’

All well and good, delivery was free and my hub arrived in two days. Now since the QuickStart was available to me I thought it would be fine and I’d be able to plug in and go. However, my property doesn’t have a virgin media wall socket and requires it to be installed by an engineer. That’s fine. But, that now means the at I’m incurring an installation charge. But again on the virgin media website it says:

‘If Quickstart is not available, we will provide a technician to carry out the installation, and there will be no charge for this.
If QuickStart is available to you but you decide that you would prefer a technician to install our equipment, you will normally need to pay a technician installation fee.  Someone over the age of 18 will need to be present at a time that we will agree with you in advance.’

Please note that it states that there will be no charge for technician installation of quick start isn’t available. Obviously, quick start shouldn’t have been available to me, but now I’m having to pay for an engineer for the install, but I don’t think I should have to. It’s not by choice that I’m having to have them come in order to join virgin.

Many thanks,


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