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Installation - No show appointments


I joined Virgin Media on 29th May and was initially given an installation appointment on 17th June. I took a day off of work as was recommended by Virgin to ensure I was home during the installation however on the day no one arrived and I was shocked to see my appointment has been cancelled and moved to 20th June without any email notification or correspondence from VM. This meant I'd lost a days work to wait around for a no show which frustrated me a lot. I called VM customer services straight away and received apologies for this and was told that the installation would now require some 'works' to be carried out outside of the property which would take place on the 20th June. As a good will gesture they told me I wouldn't be charged for my first month of the contract to compensate for this no show. Anyway, I waited until the 20th and once again nobody showed up and the appointment had once again changed to the next day, 21st June. The same thing happened on the 21st and then it got moved to the 22nd. Roll on to today and this is continuing to happen every day (it is now the 24th). I have called VM customer services multiple times during this week to find out what is happening and each time I have been passed from department to department and given false information regarding the installation. I have recorded every single conversation and can prove this as well.

I am so tempted to cancel my VM package as I've never experience such bad customer service from a company. I really expected VM to be the creme de la creme however I have experienced the complete opposite. I literally have no idea when (if) my services will be installed and each time I call customer services I am given the same information that is unhelpful. At this point I feel like I am pursuing an unwinnable situation and that quite frankly Virgin Media couldn't care less.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so what are my best options?

I appreciate any help I can get at this point.


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Re: Installation - No show appointments

See here:

Under this scheme you seem to be entitled to £25.00 for VM not turning up to install on the 17th June, plus £5.00 per day from the 18th June to today's date, that's another £35.00, plus a further £5.00 per day until your installation is complete. You may be entitled to another £25.00 for the no-show on the 20th June too.

That's a credit for you of £60.00 so far, and counting. (Or £85.00.)

You may think it worth taking the compensation until your installation is complete or you may believe it's not worth the trouble and wish to cancel altogether. It's not clear what happens to any compensation offered if you choose to cancel though. That's something you should ask VM about before you choose your course of action.


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